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Trade unions

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Gig worker organizing for solidarity unions

The “gig economy” is one place where organizing outside of traditional trade unions is undoubtedly happening in surprising and perhaps unexpected ways. For example, on May 8, 2019, a group of independent app-based drivers in Los Angeles called the LA Rideshare Drivers United organized and...
Blog post

The Uber/Lyft Drivers’ Association, unionization, and labor law reform

In her second post on the Uber/Lyft drivers’ association, Veena Dubal rightly celebrates the success of the recent Uber/Lyft work stoppages. The example of workers, who have no labor or employment law rights, engaging in the kind of collective action that she describes is inspirational...

Who Runs This Place - The people

Union membership is a fraction of what it was, but people power is finding a voice through new platforms and movements.

Working Lives: Statistics and stories

This is the second report of key research findings arising from the Australia at Work research project. This research is a large scale longitudinal study that tracks the experiences of working Australians over five years.
Briefing paper

Union organising and labour market rules: two sides of the same coin

This study documents the correlation between workers' rights and union organising - and shows they are two sides of the same coin. The correlation between workers' rights and the success of unions suggests that unions in Australia will need to continue their campaign to "Change...
Discussion paper

Is declining union membership contributing to low wages growth?

This paper concludes that trends in unionisation rates are unlikely to have contributed materially to the decline in wages growth in recent years. It is important to note that this conclusion is limited to only the most direct channel in which unions influence wages -...

Ending wage theft: eradicating underpayment in the Australian workplace

This report outlines how state and federal governments can do more to eradicate the underpayment of wages in Australia.

Work in the data economy – What action is needed to ensure good work for all?

Presentation from Society 4.0 Forum, held in Melbourne in November 2018, which scrutinised some of the key issues that relate to the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Industry 4.0. How can we design ethical data governance, information systems and analytics that involve citizen and service data...

What's happening with platform workers' rights? Lessons from Belgium

Platform work, one of the new forms of employment to have recently emerged in the EU, has already become the subject of heated debate. Beyond its effects on traditional occupations and the labour market more generally, many have raised concerns about the working and employment...
Discussion paper

Artists' Union England - a new trade union

The story of the emergence of a new trade union for artists – Artists’ Union England – is the subject of this edition of CAMEo Cuts. As a founder member of the Union, artist Angela Kennedy offers an insight into the thinking and organisation that...