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Transition to school

School readiness

Briefing paper

The early development outcomes of NSW children: results from the Australian Early Development Census

This FACSIAR Evidence to Action Note reports the latest findings on how NSW children have been tracking in the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC).
Literature review

The role of student engagement in the transition from primary to secondary school

This Learning Curve presents results from the 2015 primary and 2016 secondary NSW Tell Them From Me student surveys to examine the relationship between a student's sense of belonging at school and other measures of student engagement over the primary to secondary school transition.

United we read radio story-time

This research project aims to explore how a story-time radio show might add value to the United We Read program, and investigate if such a radio show can further engage children in their love of reading, and assist parents’ involvement, regardless of their own levels...
Literature review

Literature review relating to the current context and discourse surrounding Indigenous early childhood education, school readiness and transition programs to primary school

Since the educational experiences of Aboriginal Australians are often framed from a ‘deficit’ perspective, whereby the failures of Indigenous people to engage with the mainstream educational system are seen as the ‘problem’, an alternative approach to Indigenous early childhood education discourse is preferable. This alternative...

Facilitating children's transition to school from families with complex support needs

This report reinforces the importance of the transition to school for children from families with complex support needs. For all children and families, but particularly for those with complex support needs, the transition to school is a time of both opportunity and vulnerability.

School readiness: what does it mean for Indigenous children, families, schools and communities?

Examining programs that work as well as the gaps in current knowledge about school readiness, this paper concentrates on the transition to school for Indigenous Australian children. What we know • School readiness is a multidimensional construct, recognising the interplay of children’s individual characteristics and...
Briefing paper

Rethinking the transition to school: linking schools and early years services

Starting school is an exciting but also potentially stressful time for children and families alike. It is one of the key transition points during childhood. All such transitions are known to be times of particular vulnerability for young children, when earlier developmental and social progress...
Briefing paper

Rethinking school readiness

This brief focuses on what the research tells us about the nature of and pathways to school readiness. It emphasises the importance of schools, services and communities supporting children and families and providing the conditions and experiences needed to ensure that all children reach school...

School readiness and overweight and obesity in under 5's

Some parents are concerned about whether their child is ready to start school and they start to seek advice from a range of professionals to support them in making a decision. Often the preschool or kindergarten teacher may raise concerns with the parents, because of...

Domestic violence and childhood and school readiness

Domestic violence is responsible for most of the violence that children encounter. The effect on their lives is significant. The article considers the extent of the problem, its origins and the effects on children's lives. It also incoporates a case study. School readiness is a...