Translating and interpreting


Protocol on Indigenous language interpreting for Commonwealth government agencies

This protocol provides guidance to all agencies and their contracted service providers on policies and processes that are needed to promote engagement of Indigenous interpreters in policy and program development, engagement, consultation and service delivery.
Discussion paper

Our stories, our voices: culturally diverse consumer perspectives on the role of accredited interpreters in Victoria’s health services

In 2016, the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV) Policy Advisory Committee on Health and Wellbeing (PACHW) discussed increasing concerns by health services and multicultural advocates regarding the low levels of awareness among culturally diverse communities about the role and engagement of accredited interpreters.

Multicultural access and equity: building a cohesive society through responsive services

This report provides a summary of the perspectives and broader feedback received through consultations with culturally and linguistically diverse communities and service providers around Australia, regarding the design and delivery of Australian Government services. The report aims to discuss diverse community perspectives relating to the...

Community perspectives on settlement issues affecting new and emerging communities in rural and regional Australia

This case study aims to make a contribution to the discussion on rural and regional settlement by providing community perspectives on how access to government services and community attitudes impact new and emerging communities’ economic participation, social integration, sense of belonging and settlement outcomes.