Transport infrastructure

Policy report

How governments use evidence to make transport policy

This report looks at how the United Kingdom (UK) and comparable countries use evidence in designing transport policy, and offers recommendations for how the UK can make better policy in future.

Infrastructure beyond COVID-19: a national study on the impacts of the pandemic on Australia

This report assesses the causes and lasting consequences of COVID-related trends on Australian infrastructure development.
Conference paper

Investigation of the use of Lean construction practices in transportation construction projects

The use of Lean Construction (LC) concepts and tools has advanced in different sectors in the United States, including but not limited to, delivery of commercial, educational, and hospital buildings. Many contractors working on these sectors appear to use more collaborative forms of contracts and...

Fairer funding and financing of faster rail

This report highlights the importance of faster rail investment in Australia’s economic recovery, and proposes a fairer and more sustainable funding approach.

Victoria’s draft 30-year infrastructure strategy

This draft strategy document takes an integrated, cross‐sectoral view of infrastructure planning, making 95 draft recommendations to the Victorian government across both metropolitan and regional Victoria.
Conference paper

The sharing Sydney Harbour access program: a partnership approach

This paper describes the State Government's Access Program which aims to increase access to and along the foreshores of Sydney Harbour and its tributaries for people on foot and bicycle and improve access to and from the waterways for recreational boating.
Conference paper

Changes in patterns of accessibility in Sydney

While metropolitan restructuring and changes in journey to work patterns are well monitored at the aggregate level in Sydney by the NSW Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, the impacts of these changes on accessibility to employment opportunities remains largely unknown by the planning community.
Conference paper

Out of bounds: Insights from children to support a cultural shift towards sustainable and child-friendly cities

This paper explores the links between child-friendly cities and sustainable cities including sustainable transport systems.
Conference paper

Geographies of household travel in Sydney

Studies of urban travel – where people travel to, how they get there, for what purpose and for how long – have become increasingly sophisticated in their recognition of the complexity of urban travel.
Conference paper

Is there a spatial mismatch between housing affordability and employment opportunity in Melbourne?

The research reported in this paper is situated at within a set of contemporary literatures concerning the spatial development of large urban areas, within the context of the ongoing restructuring of urban employment and housing markets.