Universal Basic Income


Working paper

Work and meaning in the age of AI

It is often said that work is not only a source of income, but also of meaning. In this paper, the author explores the theoretical and empirical literature that addresses the relationship between work and meaning. The author explores the challenge that the age of...

Stay on target

Everyone agrees the Government plays a critical role in helping New Zealand through the economic consequences of the Covid-19 global pandemic. But the best tools are not always clear. In this essay, the authors argue that the New Zealand Government should support struggling workers with...

Exploring universal basic income

Universal basic income (UBI) is emerging as one of the most hotly debated issues in development and social protection policy. But what are the features of UBI? What is it meant to achieve? This publication provides a framework to elucidate issues and trade-offs in UBI...
Working paper

A basic income for Australia? Exploring rationale, design, distribution and cost

This paper considers the potential for a basic income or guaranteed minimum income scheme for Australia. Proposals advocated by the Henderson Poverty Inquiry in 1975, the rationale for a basic income and work incentive effects are discussed. Four models for an Australian implementation are proposed...
Policy report

Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a policy response to current challenges

This paper argues that for fiscal, efficiency, and equity reasons, the U.S. government should provide targeted benefits instead of universal benefits. It should not just provide cash, but rather invest in human capital and pursue redistribution through targeted spending on education, child care, health insurance...
Journal article

The universal basic income: should it replace the existing social security system?

This article argues that while the current NZ tax/benefit system represents a ‘welfare mess’, and needs substantial restructuring, a UBI does not necessarily provide an adequate income for poverty relief, nor ensure labour force incentives, at an acceptable fiscal cost.

Exploring the practicalities of a basic income pilot

This report highlights learning from basic income pilots underway or in planning in Finland, Ontario and the Netherlands, compiled from discussions with representatives at the Basic Income Earth Network 2018 World Congress.

UBI – Universal Basic Income is an unbelievably bad idea

Argues that a Universal Basic Income would be unaffordable with the current taxation system and would involve enormous additional taxation.
Working paper

Basic income: trade-offs and bottom lines

In a changing employment and budgetary context, there is renewed interest in the concept of a basic income.
Discussion paper

Can less work be more fair?

This paper is a collection of contributions from leading academics and social justice campaigners providing different perspectives on the ideas of shorter working hours and Universal Basic Income.