Urban vegetation cover change in Melbourne: 2014-2018

This report focuses on the extent and change in the spatial distribution of vegetation across Melbourne between 2014 and 2018, reported against major land-use classes and against metropolitan sub-regions.
Journal article

Who has access to urban vegetation? A spatial analysis of distributional green equity in 10 US cities

This research examines the distributional equity of urban vegetation in 10 US urbanized areas using very high resolution land cover data and census data. Urban vegetation is characterized three ways in the analysis (mixed vegetation, woody vegetation, and public parks), to reflect the variable ecosystem...

Land cover change in Queensland 2015–16: Statewide Landcover and Trees Study

This summary provides stakeholders with woody vegetation change summary statistics for all SLATS mapping between the first mapping period of 1988–91 and up to the most recent 2015–16 mapping period.

State environmental planning policy (vegetation) - explanation of intended effect

Explains the context and objectives of a proposed policy to control clearance of native trees and plants in urban areas of NSW.

Vegetation-fire interactions in central arid Australia: towards a conceptual framework

A comprehensive understanding of vegetation and fire dynamics and their interactions is important for effective land management in central arid Australia, the majority of which is vegetated with natural and semi-natural (grazed) vegetation. The potential loss of fire-sensitive populations of tree and shrub species and...

Native vegetation clearing in NSW: a regulatory history

Outlines the ways in which the clearing of native vegetation has been regulated in NSW from 1788 to the present. Summary This paper outlines the ways in which the clearing of native vegetation has been regulated in NSW, from 1788 to the present. Since the...

Economics, agriculture and native vegetation in NSW

Introduction: Native vegetation and regulations relating to its management have a minimal economic effect on agriculture in New South Wales (NSW). The state produces between $10 and $16 billion in agricultural output per year, dependent largely on rainfall and commodity prices. When rainfall is good...