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Voting systems


Election 2020: Voters are highly engaged, but nearly half expect to have difficulties voting

As Democrats and Republicans prepare for their party conventions, this national survey finds high voter engagement with the presidential campaign – and a record share saying it “really matters” who wins in November when it comes to making progress on important national issues.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: What do the proposed Senate voting changes mean for above the line voting?

Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm claims the Government's proposed changes to Senate voting — to abolish group voting tickets and introduce optional preferential voting above the line — will make it near impossible for small parties to win a sea
Discussion paper

Solving and creating problems: online voting in New Zealand

This paper was written to provide background material and references on some of the issues raised in discussions around online voting for government elections - it is not an analysis of any specific policy, document or model of online voting.

Voters are back in charge in the Senate

A smaller crossbench and a few surprise wins are the likely result of the new voting system’s first half-Senate outing, writes Tim Colebatch.

Voting early, voting often?

Leaving aside errors and misunderstandings, Australia doesn’t have a big fraudulent-voting problem. But a little reassurance wouldn’t go amiss.

Political endangered species: the decline of the major party voter

New research shows a rising number of the Australian adult population are not enrolled, not casting a vote or voting informally. Combined with the sinking major party vote, nearly 40% of Australian adults did not vote for either party able to form government in 2013...

A fix for what’s not broken: why Australia doesn’t need voter ID

Are new rules needed to stop multiple voters from undermining Australian elections? Not according to the local and international evidence, writes Jennifer Rayner.

Two ticks, not so easy

New Zealand’s voting system means that predicting a winner is never simple. On our partner website, Inside Story, Norm Kelly looks at the field.

WA election: "One vote, one value" yields unexpected results

The Nationals and the Greens were the star performers last Saturday in Western Australia, writes Norm Kelly.

Australian electoral systems

This research report surveys the operation of three types of voting system – first past the post, preferential and proportional representation (single transferable vote) – in Australia. Despite parliamentary enquiries after each federal election, there is generally little call for major changes to be made...