Water usage

Discussion paper

Creative destruction in Australian water markets

In discussions about the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, one key reform has been consistently underestimated - separation of water title from land, and its subsequent tradability. This discussion paper notes that governments across the Murray-Darling Basin need to work out what they are aiming for from...

National water reform 2020: draft report

This draft report assesses the progress of the Australian, State and Territory governments towards achieving the objectives and outcomes of the National Water Initiative (NWI), and provides practical advice on future directions for national water reform.

Campaspe community clubs combat climate change

Campaspe Community Clubs Combat Climate Change project was about helping community groups understand their energy and water use at recreation reserves and what they can do about it to reduce the impacts of climate change and minimise greenhouse, energy and water costs.

Reflecting on our work about water management

This document presents findings from a two-year-long project that examined how well public organisations are currently managing water resources and delivering water-related services for the benefit of New Zealanders.

Southern water for north China: Is water conveyance infrastructure a long-term solution to water stress?

On a country-wide scale, China has an adequate supply of water. Those water resources are not uniformly distributed throughout the country, however, with four-fifths of the supply located in the south. This imbalance of water resources leaves some parts of the country with high levels...

Climate change adaptation guidelines

Adaptation to the extreme climate and weather events experienced in Australia and New Zealand has already cost the urban water industry millions of dollars. To address the changing climate effectively, it is essential that the water industry build climate resilience into their long term planning...
Conference paper

Splintering urbanism and sustainable urban water management

This research is concerned with the response of institutions to the water dilemmas faced by Australia’s cities. Here institutions include government agencies, the water and urban development industries and associations, “green city” advocates and researchers.
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The water services conundrum

This paper builds on recent research into domestic water consumption in Sydney to argue that the issue is not one of shortage of water, as it is popularly presented, but is more related to the choices made in that city about the way sanitary services...
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Understanding water consumption in Sydney

This paper explores the extent to which attitudes to conservation and reduced water use in and around the home may affect the water saving behaviour of households in different kinds of housing in Sydney in a period when restrictions and price rises have become the...
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Water restrictions as way of moderating demand

Exploring attitudes and responses to the imposition of water restrictions on external water uses in different kinds of dwellings in different parts of Sydney, this paper examines evidence from a stratified random survey of 2179 households in Sydney in a period when restrictions on domestic...