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Web accessibility guide

This guide aims to provide a useful tool to allow web designers and owners to evaluate their websites for accessibility and explains many of the common pitfalls with respect to web accessibility.

Digital access to information and services: learning from examples

New Zealanders increasingly expect to be able to access information and services digitally. As part of our 'Information' theme, we carried out a performance audit that looked at how three public entities made information and services available through their websites and/or mobile applications.

Communicating online: an evaluation of the Horticulture Industry Network website

This report presents findings from a mixed methods study involving qualitative interviews and a heuristic analysis of the Horticulture Industry Network’s (HIN’s) website.
Journal article

Search engine advertisement design effects on click-through rates

This article reports the relationship that specific elements of search engine advertisements (SEAs) have with click-through rates (CTRs) within Google AdWord Campaigns. In total, 1,880 separate advertisements with more than 57 million impressions and 185,000 click-throughs were analyzed. The main finding is that some elements...
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Online Census accessibility review - pass or fail

In a rare good news story for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Dr Scott Hollier, Media Access Australia’s Specialist Advisor, Digital Accessibility, undertook an accessibility review of the 9 August 2016 Census, and found that the online survey form was largely accessible to people with...

An examination of home page design in New Zealand tertiary libraries

The online presence of tertiary libraries is becoming increasingly important, however, research (OCLC, 2010) suggests that library websites are being shunned in favour of commercial search engines. Some scholars (Reidsma, 2012; McCann et al., 2010) attribute this to poor website design. Websites are a valid...
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Aesthetics, visual appeal, usability and user satisfaction: what do the user's eyes tell the user's brain?

The impact of colour on the first impression of a website is discussed in the light of several rather puzzling experimental findings, which suggest that background colour and colour combinations might influence users? subsequent opinion of, and satisfaction with, a site. Theories of, and approaches...
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Online opportunities for civic engagement? An examination of Australian third sector organisations on the internet

This article reports on a preliminary analysis of Australian third sector, or non-profit, organisations’ attempts to mobilise citizen engagement using online technologies. Recent debates about the nature and importance of citizen engagement, and the impacts of online technologies on citizen engagement, are reviewed in order...