Web design

Website design

Web accessibility guide

This guide aims to provide a useful tool to allow web designers and owners to evaluate their websites for accessibility and explains many of the common pitfalls with respect to web accessibility.

Digital access to information and services: learning from examples

New Zealanders increasingly expect to be able to access information and services digitally. As part of our 'Information' theme, we carried out a performance audit that looked at how three public entities made information and services available through their websites and/or mobile applications.

Communicating online: an evaluation of the Horticulture Industry Network website

This report presents findings from a mixed methods study involving qualitative interviews and a heuristic analysis of the Horticulture Industry Network’s (HIN’s) website.

An examination of home page design in New Zealand tertiary libraries

The online presence of tertiary libraries is becoming increasingly important, however, research (OCLC, 2010) suggests that library websites are being shunned in favour of commercial search engines. Some scholars (Reidsma, 2012; McCann et al., 2010) attribute this to poor website design. Websites are a valid...