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Speaking for ourselves: the truth about what keeps people in poverty from those who live it

This publication reveals the true nature of what it really means to live in poverty in New Zealand. Although each person’s story is unique, what becomes evident is that there are particular experiences and themes surrounding poverty that hold true for the majority.

Jobactive: failing those it is intended to serve

This report is the result of the Inquiry into the appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of the Australian public employment service, jobactive.

The many pathways of the Community Development Programme

This evaluation report presents community views on the Community Development Programme (CDP) based on surveys with community members, CDP providers and stakeholders across eight remote communities.

An evaluation of the first two years of the Community Development Programme: summary

This is a brief summary of the Community Development Programme evaluation, drawing on the community fieldwork and administrative data evaluation reports.

The Community Development Programme: evaluation of participation and employment outcomes

This evaluation report draws on administrative data to examine participation and employment outcomes over the first two years of the Community Development Programme.

Using the gig economy to reform entitlements

The current safety net is outdated. It was designed for an economy with one type of job in mind – full-time, 9-to-5 employment – and with high barriers to employment, such as interviews and résumés. But the economy is changing, with new technologies that seamlessly...

Remote control: the Community Development Program, remote Australia’s work for the dole scheme

The Community Development Program (CDP) is remote Australia’s Work for the Dole (WFD) and 'job assistance' scheme. The CDP has been criticised by civil society groups, Indigenous groups, academics and even police, with allegations that it pays below minimum wage and its penalty system is...

Appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of the Community Development Program (CDP)

This report recommends that the Australian government immediately replace the current CDP compliance and penalty regime with obligations that are no more onerous than those of other income support recipients.
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Work for the Dole program to stay

There have been reports that the Government was considering winding up the Work for the Dole program as part of this year’s Budget. However, in a subsequent media release, Federal Employment Minister, Michaelia Cash, stated that the gGovernment will not be abolishing Work for the...
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More concerns raised over remote work for the dole scheme

There are calls for whichever party wins the weekend's election to take a good look at the work for the dole scheme operating in remote Australia. Service providers continue to raise concerns about the scheme. They're now worried Indigenous people are leaving remote communities to...