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Flexible but fair: the case for extending Portable Leave Entitlements to the NDIS workforce

This report examines the NDIS, and why a novel Portable Entitlements Scheme is a necessary policy intervention.
Working paper

Advancing patient safety governance in the COVID-19 response

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Niek Klazinga
This report examines how patient safety governance mechanisms in OECD countries have withstood the test of COVID-19 and provides recommendations for countries in further improving patient safety governance and strengthening health system resilience.

Australia’s Aged Care sector: full-year report 2021–22

This report 2021-22 finds that the financial performance of many aged care providers has deteriorated in the past year. It also presents new evidence about the challenges in securing a sufficiently skilled aged care workforce.
Briefing paper

Towards a thriving healthcare workforce

Healthcare workers are the cornerstone of health service delivery and quality of patient care. This brief identifies and discusses four areas where policy action should be taken to protect healthcare worker safety and wellbeing now and into the future.

Aged care employment: study report

It is widely recognised that there are major problems in the quality of aged care, especially in residential aged care. This report looks at whether there should be a policy to preference the direct employment of aged care workers.

Care workforce labour market study: final report

This study comes against a backdrop of a rapid rise in the number of care and support workers in recent years and represents the first, whole-of-sector examination of the care and support workforce. It considers the needs of the workforce, in relation to aged, disability...

New horizons: what can England learn from the professionalisation of care workers in other countries?

Care workers have undoubtedly been first on the front line, delivering care in perilous conditions, but last to see any meaningful acknowledgement and reward for their continuing perseverance. This report argues that there is now an opportunity for policy-makers to reverse the deepening workforce recruitment...
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Nurse and midwife staffing models

This e-brief sets out the main features of legislated ratios and Nursing Hours Per Patient Days (NHPPDs), and the manner in which they are applied. It shows where in Australia each model is used, and notes that in many States and Territories the NHPPD model...

Shaping our future: implementation and evaluation plan

This implementation and evaluation plan outlines the steps that will be taken to progress actions related to the six focus areas identified in 'Shaping our future', along with how progress will be monitored and reviewed, including in response to emerging priorities.

Inquiry into Victorian universities’ investment in skills

Victoria is facing a shortage of skilled workers in several sectors, including healthcare, community services, engineering, teaching, digital and technology, construction and agriculture. This inquiry examines how Victorian universities can play a greater role to support the pipeline of skilled workers in government priority areas.

2021 Early childhood education and care national workforce census

The 2021 Early childhood education and care national workforce census was commissioned by the Australian Department of Education, as part of a range of Australian government initiatives designed to improve the quality of information used in developing and measuring early childhood policy and programs.

Duty of care: aged care sector in crisis

This paper updates the workforce projections of CEDA’s 'Duty of care' report, released in August 2021, based on the latest information and industry consultation. It finds that filling the growing shortfall in the aged care workforce is a task that is escalating each day.
Discussion paper

Sustainability of the Aged Care sector: discussion paper

This paper aims to support and promote an informed national policy debate on the sustainability of publicly subsidised aged care services in Australia. It draws on a comprehensive evidence base to outline the dimensions of the sustainability challenge.

Australia’s Aged Care sector: mid-year report 2021-22

This first edition of the Australia's Aged Care Sector report, analyses the mid-year results for the first half of the 2021-22 financial year and provides commentary on major challenges and progress on policy reforms.

Educating for care: meeting skills shortages in an expanding ECEC industry

This paper argues that the provision of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) services should be treated as a strategic industry of national importance – not just a ‘market’, and not just a ‘cost’ item on government budgets.

Older workers employment action plan

This action plan acts as a blueprint on how the New Zealand government can help support and encourage older people to stay in the workforce if they want or need to, and supports the government’s overall employment strategy
Position paper

Lowitja Institute 2022 federal election priorities

In the lead-up to the 2022 federal election, the Lowitja Institute is calling on the incoming Australian government and federal Parliament to prioritise the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Migration and the future of care: supporting older people and care workers

This report analyses the intersection between the older persons’ care sector and migration. The report concludes with recommendations to policy-makers in high-income, rapidly ageing countries that are struggling with these issues.
Policy report

A blueprint for better, cleaner jobs

The political, ecological and economic challenge of decarbonising Australia’s energy and industrial base is crying out for leadership. This report aims to provide insights and options to policy-makers, so that Australia can confront the challenges and seize the opportunities of action on climate change.

Better rights, more pay and secure

This policy statement outlines The Greens' policy position on better rights for working people and improving Australia's industrial relations system.

Trends and needs in the Australian child welfare workforce: an exploratory study

This report presents findings from an exploratory study that examined broad-ranging, publicly available data to investigate emerging trends, issues and needs in the child welfare workforce and the educational profile of this workforce.

National workforce strategy 2022-27

This strategy provides a framework for government to ensure a consistent, coordinated approach to address workforce issues and sector-specific workforce plans.

Future focused primary health care: Australia’s primary health care 10 year plan 2022-2032

This plan was developed as a high-level response to the recommendations of the Primary Health Reform Steering Group, and an extensive series of consultations. The plan aims to support primary health care providers to embrace continuing advances in technology - in telehealth and virtual care...
Briefing paper

Transforming the genomics workforce to sustain high value care

Genomics, where all a person’s genes are examined, as well as the interactions of those genes with each other, is proving a powerful tool for medicine. This report explores some of the challenges currently facing this rapidly evolving sector.
Discussion paper

Indirect employment in aged care: issues paper

The Productivity Commission has commenced a study into employment models in aged care, and the effects that policies and procedures to preference the direct employment of aged care workers would have on the sector. The Commission has released this issues paper to guide people in...