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Mapping disability research in Australia 2018-2020

This mapping report provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of disability research in Australia in the period since the Audit of Disability Research Update Report was published in 2017.
Case study

Exploring the value of QR in supporting researcher-scale activities

Quality Related (QR) funding from Research England provides an important source of support for research in English universities. This report identifies and explores the ways in which QR funding is used, its benefits, and how it complements other types of research income.
Journal article

General considerations for conducting online qualitative research and practice implications for interviewing people with Acquired Brain Injury

Qualitative methodology is key to understanding the lived experience of people with acquired brain injury (ABI). The key aim of this research is to map out the practical, ethical and methodological considerations when adapting research to an online environment.
Journal article

Barriers and facilitators to participation in breast, bowel and cervical cancer screening in rural Victoria: a qualitative study

Population cancer screening rates are around 50% for the general population and even lower in rural areas. This study aimed to explore knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, motivators and barriers to breast, bowel and cervical screening participation in under-screened men and women with the aim of increasing...
Discussion paper

Doing research differently: archiving and sharing qualitative data in studies of childhood, education and youth

This discussion paper explores directions and dilemmas in the archiving and sharing of qualitative research, taking a specific focus on studies of childhood, education and youth, predominantly from across the social sciences.

Gippsland Primary Health Network research with Latrobe Valley smokers: report of qualitative research

The overall aim of the research was to explore smoking and quitting drivers and barriers amongst smokers living in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria, with the purpose being to inform the development of strategies that will encourage and motivate smokers to quit or seek cessation support.

This is our story: a qualitative research report on living with dementia

This report has been prepared to tell the story of the diverse lives and experience of forty-nine New Zealanders living with dementia. Issues addressed include diagnosis, valuing independence, the availability or otherwise of assistance, and the role of care partners.
Conference paper

Rational or emotional? Failing to attract home owners in Germany to conduct energy-efficient renovation measures from a marketing perspective

Purpose / Context – Energy efficiency measures/ private home-owners/ decision process Methodology / Approach –Explorative research/ qualitative interviews/ content analysis Results – Decisions towards energetic renovation measures can be characterized as a strategic consumer decision rather than the often assumed purely investment decision. Emotionally shaped...

Research fraud: the temptation to lie – and the challenges of regulation

Most scientists and medical researchers behave ethically. However, in recent years, the number of high-profile scandals in which researchers have been exposed as having falsified their data raises the issue of how we should deal with research fraud. There is little scholarship on this subject...
Briefing paper

Institute of Child Protection Studies Research Update

ICPS aims to enhance the well-being of children, young people and families through quality research, evaluation, training and community education. The Research Update aims to keep stakeholders informed about the projects we are undertaking. The December 2015 update provides information on the following current research...