Financial reporting

Accounting and reporting standards


The adequacy and efficacy of Australia’s anti-money laundering and counterterrorism financing (AML/CTF) regime

Evidence to this inquiry largely focused on the impact and/or the benefits of extending the existing AML/CTF regime to DNFBPs that are not already subject to regulation of this nature. As such, this report largely focuses on this issue, but also canvasses other aspects of...

Energy 2021

This report summarises the audit results of Queensland’s six energy entities. The report concludes that the financial statements of Queensland's energy entities are reliable and energy sector profits have increased. However, weaknesses in the entities’ information systems still persist.
Briefing paper

Impact of the pandemic on the 2020 financial health of 37 Australian universities

This paper provides a snapshot benchmark as to the financial health of Australian universities at the end of 2020. This will enable greater insight to be gained into the on-going effectiveness of university strategies to deal with the impact of the pandemic when future annual...

How has financial reporting been affected by COVID-19?

This report analyses the effect that COVIID-19 had on NZX50 companies reporting from July to December 2020.

Regulator Performance Framework - Administration of Australia’s Foreign Investment Framework: report 2019-20

Under the Australian Government’s Regulator Performance Framework, regulators must undertake an annual self-assessment of their performance against six key outcome-based performance indicators (KPIs). The overall 2019-20 assessment for Treasury and the ATO in relation to Australia’s foreign investment framework was that the KPIs were met.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Ged Kearney says aged care operators do not have to account for how they spend their taxpayer funding. Is she correct?

Labor's Shadow Assistant Minister for Aged Care, Ged Kearney, claimed aged care operators did not have to account for how they spend taxpayer funding. Referring to the “whole aged care sector", she said $20 billion was handed over without proper accountability or transparency, and that...

How has COVID-19 affected financial reporting?

In the early days of New Zealand’s COVID-19-induced lockdown, market commentators speculated on the likely impact on financial reporting. Many of this country’s largest businesses have now reported their full-year earnings and released financial statements. In this overview the authors examine the implications of the...

Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) Recommendations

The SDGD Recommendations call on organisations to consider sustainable development risks and opportunities relevant to their long term value creation strategy and communicate the actual or potential impacts on achievement of the SDGs.

Commonwealth Resource Management Framework and the clear read principle

The objective of the audit was to examine the effectiveness of the design and implementation of the clear read principle under the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework.

Measuring wealth, delivering prosperity

As the consequences of climate change, social tensions and high levels of inequality are increasingly evident, the Bennett Institute for Public Policy has published this report for the Wealth Economy Project on how to improve economic measurement in order to guide effective economic policymaking.

Research report: market design and evolution for better outcomes

This report summarises research conducted into mergers of disability services providers during the period since 2014. It forms part of The Market Designs and Evolutions for Better Outcomes Research Program. Key findings The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the quasi-market model...

Disability services market report 2018: the business confidence and financial sustainability of the disability service sector

This report summarises data from the 2017 Disability Markets Survey, the fifth in a longitudinal series of studies undertaken by National Disability Services to monitor change in the supply of disability services, business conditions and the operations of disability services providers in Australia.

Corporate planning in the Australian public sector 2017–18

This audit was conducted as part of a multi-year audit program on implementation of the resource management framework introduced by the PGPA Act. It is intended to assist in keeping the Parliament, government and the community informed about the extent to which the resource management...

Financial reporting guide: an overview of the New Zealand financial reporting framework

This guide has been developed to help organisations apply the New Zealand financial reporting framework, as well as assisting with the interpretation and implementation of new accounting standards applicable to certain organisations.

Financial reporting requirements applicable to charities

The research report shows that, despite ongoing simplification efforts, serious issues with thecurrent financial reporting regime for Australian charities remain.

Australia’s disability services sector 2016: financial sustainability and summary of key findings

This first report of the Market Design and Evolution for Better Outcomes Research Program provides a snapshot of the financial status of 180 Disability Service Organisations from across Australia for the 2014-15 financial year. It also provides a baseline against which change can be compared.

Australia’s disability services sector 2017: report 2 financial performance summary of key findings (National Benchmarking Project)

This second report of the Market Design and Evolution for Better Outcomes Research Program provides a snapshot of the changes in the financial performance of a Panel of 154 disability service providers between 2014/15 and 2015/16 as they transition into the National Disability Insurance Scheme...

The impact of IFRS adoption in Australia: evidence from academic research

It has been more than ten years since Australia adopted IFRS. It is time to ask some big questions: Has IFRS improved the quality of financial reporting in Australia? Has it improved comparability of Australian entities’ financial reporting with their global peers? As part of...