ACCC Enforcement guide: Free range chicken egg claims

The ACCC has produced this guide to help egg producers of all sizes understand their fair trading rights and obligations when promoting or selling eggs as ‘free range’. It will also help consumers understand the law and our approach to ‘free range’ egg claims.
Technical report

Common diseases of backyard poultry

The keeping of backyard poultry gives great enjoyment to many people. As more people in Victoria purchase small acreages, poultry ownership is becoming a popular and economically beneficial pastime. The production of fresh eggs and meat for human consumption, plus the enjoyment they give as...
Technical report

Quarantine advice for small poultry flocks

An easily avoidable disaster that can befall poultry enthusiasts is the introduction of disease into their flock. It can be a huge cost both financially and emotionally, to build up a valuable breed or line of poultry, only to have them jeopardised by the introduction...