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Strong and free? The future security of Australia's north

This report argues that ‘there is a need to reconceptualize northern Australia, as a single scalable defence and national security ecosystem.’ This ecosystem should be developed to ‘deliver integrated support to current and future ADF and national security operations.’

The antennas of Pine Gap

Antennas are the most readily available and visible evidence of the existence, character, and size of signals intelligence facilities that operate or monitor space systems. Coupled with data on the timing of developments in US geosynchronous satellite programs, the timing of antenna installation now permits...

Managing operations at Pine Gap

The management of operations at the Pine Gap facility has become increasingly complex as the functions of the station have expanded, the number of agencies involved has grown, and the demands of a wider range of ‘users’ or ‘customers’ for the provision of ‘actionable intelligence’...

The corporatisation of Pine Gap

The Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, located just outside the town of Alice Springs in Central Australia and managed by the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), is one of the largest U.S. technical intelligence collection facilities in the world. The corporate presence at Pine Gap...
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Home base: US military bases in Australia

In 1980 ANU security expert Des Ball published, A Suitable Piece of Real Estate, about American installations in Australia. These military and intelligence bases are the cornerstone of the Australian/US defence relationship. Over 30 years later, there are calls for a renewed debate on the...