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Writing the future: Black and Asian writers and publishers in the UK marketplace

We believe that for UK literature of all genres (and its publishers) to thrive, it must reflect the complexity of the cultures and society it is responding to. Yet the success and upsurge in the publication of BAME fiction writers in the 1990’s and early...

Australian book publishers in the global industry: survey method and results

The book publishing landscape has changed considerably in recent years, with a rise in the popularity of self-publishing, the entry and growth of new, 'fee-for-service' presses, and the availability of self-publishing platforms on booksellers’ online sites.
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Heads and Tails: The Long Tail in Australian Media Markets

This paper analyses sales of products within three Australian media markets - cinema box office, DVD retail and book retail - from 2002 to 2011. Several conclusions are drawn. First, significant long tail characteristics emerged in the books and particularly DVD markets, but not cinema...

Disruption and innovation in the Australian book industry: case studies of trade and education publishers

The disruption and structural transformation underway in the global book industry is well known. Major changes include the development of technology which enables digital publishing, distribution and retailing; the entry of disruptive players including Amazon, Google and Apple; the introduction of hand-held digital reading platforms...

Book industry strategy group: final report to government

The Book Industry Strategy Group believes that this vision can be achieved by a strategy to transform the book industry. This strategy would be implemented over the next three to five years, and would be embedded in a process of continual review and renewal. The...