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Stressed and overworked

In this report, Health Foundation researchers analyse survey data to understand the experiences of GPs in the United Kingdom and how they compare to other countries. They present the data under three themes - how GPs view their job; the care GPs provide and how...

The development and implementation of an enhanced digital alcohol screening algorithm and training package for primary health care settings

Other authors
Janie Sheridan, Gillian White, Juma Rahman
This technical report provides the detailed information required to develop and implement an enhanced screening algorithm for the assessment of alcohol-related risk in older adults in primary health care contexts. The report also describes a programme of training for busy health professionals on the increased...
Journal article

Allied health workforce development for participant-led services: structures for student placements in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

This study explored shifting understandings and practices related to allied health student placements during the implementation of a participant-led funding model within the Australian disability sector: the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
Journal article

The safety of anaesthesia delivered by rural generalist anaesthetists: a scoping review of the literature

Rural generalist anaesthetists (RGAs) are central to the delivery of health care in much of rural and remote Australia. This article details a systematic review of the literature specifically asking the question, ‘what is the current evidence of the 'safety' of anaesthesia delivered by RGAs?’

A new Medicare: strengthening general practice

This report calls for an overhaul of the way general practitioners work and get paid so Australia can turn the tide of chronic disease, keep more people out of hospital, and ensure poorer Australians get the care they need when they need it.

State of the disability sector 2022

National Disability Services' State of the disability sector' report for 2022 is based on responses from 364 disability service providers who took part in this national, annual sector survey. The report reveals a difficult operating environment for most providers. However, there are some glimmers of...

General Practice Crisis Summit: white paper

This document was produced by the RACGP as an overview of the discussion and recommendations put forward at the General Practice Crisis Summit, held in Canberra on 5 October 2022.

Australia’s medical workforce: maldistributed and lately never enough

This paper covers the spread of, and interactions within, the medical workforce in recent decades. It does this in order to illustrate the way in which a bias towards hospital and specialist care has occurred.

Being equally well: implementation action plan

The Being Equally Well project aims to create a strong, evidence and consensus-based suite of recommendations for improvements to health services and systems that will enable consistent and more effective physical health care for those who live with serious mental illness.
Position paper

AMA’s plan to improve access to GPs

This document outlines practical and implementable solutions to support GPs to spend more time with their patients, provide more care, and deliver better health outcomes though comprehensive and evidence-based care.

Australian evidence-based clinical guideline for ADHD: summary of recommendations

The 'Australian evidence-based clinical practice guideline for ADHD' is for the identification, diagnosis and treatment of people with ADHD. This resource has been prepared to assist clinical practitioners with interpreting recommendations contained within the guidelines.

Psychological injury in the New South Wales healthcare and social assistance industry: a retrospective cohort study

This research shows that healthcare and social assistance workers are twice as likely to file a workplace compensation claim for psychological injuries, compared to a similar dataset of workers in all non-healthcare industries, including construction, retail and law-enforcement services.
Fact sheet

Cancer in rural Australia

This fact sheet outlines some key statistics regarding cancer and patient health outcomes in rural and remote areas.
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Why do we not follow lifesaving rules? Factors affecting nonadherence to COVID-19 prevention guidelines in Indonesia: healthcare professionals' perspectives

This study aimed to understand Indonesian healthcare professionals' (HCPs) perceptions and experiences regarding barriers to both HCP and community adherence to COVID-19 prevention guidelines in their social life. This qualitative study employed in-depth interviewing as its method for primary data collection. Results demonstrated that HCP...

Contemporary community pharmacy practice: white paper

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has launched its first contemporary community pharmacy practice white paper, which highlights three key elements of consideration which form the foundation of a viable and sustainable contemporary community pharmacy practice.

Ahpra and National Boards regulatory guide

This guide sets out how Ahpra and the National Boards manage notifications about the health, performance and conduct of practitioners under Part 8 of the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.

Administration of registration and notifications by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and related entities under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law

This inquiry report focuses on ongoing and emerging issues experienced by health practitioners and notifiers with registrations and notifications, what has been done to address these issues by AHPRA, the national boards, and related regulatory bodies, and what more can be done to improve processes...
Briefing paper

Transforming the genomics workforce to sustain high value care

Genomics, where all a person’s genes are examined, as well as the interactions of those genes with each other, is proving a powerful tool for medicine. This report explores some of the challenges currently facing this rapidly evolving sector.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce strategic framework and implementation plan 2021–2031

The target of this plan is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to represent 3.43% of the national health workforce by 2031. This matches the expected percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the working population. Governments and the Aboriginal and Torres...

Report on public hearing 10: Education and training of health professionals in relation to people with cognitive disability

This report makes 9 findings and 12 recommendations in relation to the education and training of health professionals across Australia including nurses, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists and speech pathologists.
Journal article

Sustainability of healthcare professionals’ adherence to clinical practice guidelines in primary care

Sustainability of adherence to clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) represents an important indicator of the successful implementation in the primary care setting. Aim: To explore the sustainability of primary care providers’ adherence to CPGs after receiving planned guideline implementation strategies, activities, or programmes. Methods: Cochrane Central...


Nursing safe staffing review

This report reviews the implementation, effectiveness and impact of the Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM) Programme.
Policy report

Tackling the inverse care law

This report reviews attempts to tackle inequities in the supply of general practice services in England over the past 30 years. The report looks at policies on general practice funding, workforce, premises, contracts and commissioning.

State of the disability sector 2021

This report finds that frustration, uncertainty, and confusion are the hallmarks of the sector at this time. There are ongoing workforce issues, concerns over pricing, COVID-19, and a very uncertain policy environment for providers.

Working together for client wellbeing: an outcome of health justice partnership

Health justice partnership brings legal help into healthcare settings and teams to more effectively address intersecting health and legal problems in the lives of shared clients. This paper explores wellbeing as one expressed outcome of health justice partnership.