Health practitioners

Alternate Term Label:
Health workers
Medical personnel
Medical practitioners

Growing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical specialists

This report is the first publication of what will be biennial self-assessments undertaken by 14 of 15 specialist medical colleges to progress the implementation of each of the minimum and best practice standards to recruit more Indigenous students.

Care fit for carers

This report provides new evidence on the experience of the healthcare workforce during COVID-19 to date – from IPPR/YouGov polling of healthcare workers and the general public; an IPPR consultation; and from literature review.
Fact sheet

Industry factsheet: COVID-19

This factsheet aims to give information on how health professionals and service providers working with older people and people with disability can protect themselves and their clients during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Supporting effective clinical communication in Australia: government and industry priorities

This project examines a range of Australian government health organisations and medical colleges to better understand what areas of communication in medicine are prioritised for support at postgraduate level (i.e. after medical school) and how this information is communicated with doctors via public websites.

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations in practice

This resource was developed to share the findings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led research undertaken during 2014–2019. The aim of the resource is to showcase the work of Aboriginal community controlled health organisations (ACCHOs) in practice in order to strengthen the ACCHO sector...

Quality improvement in general practice: what do GPs and practice managers think?

This report explores the level of quality improvement awareness, appetite and activity in general practice across the United Kingdom.

Comparison of salaries of medical specialists: Australia and New Zealand

This report compares the salaries of New Zealand and Australian medical specialists. The key finding is that pay rates in Australia are significantly higher.
Briefing paper

Health and social care workforce: priorities for the next government

This briefing paper provides an overview of the current state of the health and social care workforce and sets out priorities for the next government.
Fact sheet

Medical practitioners in rural, regional & remote Australia

Medical practitioners working in rural, regional and remote (RRR) areas play a critical role in addressing the particular health challenges of people living in these areas.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce strategic framework 2016-2023

This National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce Strategic Framework (2016‐2023) is a mechanism to guide national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforce policy and planning.