Experiential learning

Informal learning
Literature review

Toward an Australian culturally responsive pedagogy: a narrative review of the literature

This narrative literature review focuses on the theme of culturally responsive pedagogy, with an emphasis on the Australian context.
Journal article

Developing the capacity of farmers to understand and apply seasonal climate forecasts through collaborative learning processes

This paper documents and evaluates collaborative learning processes aimed at developing farmer’s knowledge, skills and aspirations to use seasonal climate forecasting (SCF). Workshops encouraging gorup discussion and collaborative learning were held across Australian sugar production regions in 2012.

2016–2017 Year in review sustainability report

A university's sustainability report shows improvement in waste reduction and energy conservation.

International school trips: A critical analysis of multiple stakeholder perspectives

For many decades school groups have actively engaged in experiences outside the classroom. More recently, school-led tourism has expanded to include international school trips especially undertaken by schools in developed, (Western), neoliberal nations. Whilst these trips traditionally focused on foreign language and cultural learning they...

Conceptualising the nature of learning in volunteer tourism

Volunteer tourism is an increasingly popular and commercialised holiday experience that blends the activities of tourism and volunteering. While on holiday either domestically or abroad some individuals choose to volunteer their time, money and effort to a cause or project. Volunteer tourism projects vary widely...

Student Forum 2015 - Experiential learning and the Solar Decathlon

Student Forum 2015 - Experiential learning and the Solar Decathlon, Professor Nicole Woolsey Biggart, Research Professor and Dean Emerita of Management, University of California Davis
Discussion paper

Indigenous education: experiential learning and learning through Country

In Indigenous policy circles there is a desire to lift the educational and employment outcomes of remote Indigenous students, relative to their non-Indigenous peers in the rest of Australia. This paper queries some current policy approaches to these issues and seeks to provide a practical...