Leave entitlements

Discussion paper

Carer leave: issues paper

This inquiry will examine how an extended unpaid leave entitlement would affect the behaviour of carers, older people, and employers, its overall and distributional effects on the welfare of these groups, and how it might affect government budgets. The Productivity Commission has released this issues...
Briefing paper

Working with COVID: insecure jobs, sick pay, and public health

According to this research, almost one in five Australians (and a higher proportion of young workers) acknowledge working with potential COVID symptoms over the course of the pandemic. The research also confirms the public health dangers of Australia’s existing patchwork system of sick leave and...

Family and domestic violence leave review

This report outlines the findings of an independent economic analysis of the cost of providing paid family and domestic violence leave to workers on the modern award wage by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), as part of their submission to the Fair Work...

Designing paid and protected employment leaves for short-term sickness and caregiving

This paper proposes six principles — universality, sufficiency, fairness, security, flexibility and efficiency — to guide the development of legislative and policy reforms for Canada’s income-support programs and job-protection laws for sickness and caregiving leave entitlements.

Working better

From July 2021, it becomes a crime for an employer in Victoria to dishonestly withhold wages or other employee entitlements. This kit provides a suite of resources in a variety of formats to communicate these new laws.

Insecure work and portable entitlements: a solution for Australia

Insecure work is a reality for too many Australian workers. This report explores how the implementation of a portable entitlements scheme could improve the livelihoods of this growing cohort of Australian workers.
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Economic aspects of paid domestic violence leave provisions

This paper considers the likely utilisation of paid family and domestic violence leave provisions if they are extended (as has been proposed) to apply to all paid employees in Australia. The paper reviews the actual experience of several Australian employers which have already implemented paid...

Parental leave: where are the fathers?

Fathers who take paternity or parental leave are more likely to perform tasks such as feeding and bathing children, this report shows.

Complex family payments: what it costs the village to raise a child

This report argues that the government should reform family payments to help parents who are disincentivised from working as much as they wish. Overview In 2013–14, $32 billion was spent on family payments, amounting to 7.7% of total federal expenditure in that year, and 22%...

Fairer paid parental leave

Australia spends just under $1.4 billion (2012–13) on statutory Paid Parental Leave (PPL) to provide more than 130,000 parents with up to 18 weeks of parental leave paid at the full-time minimum wage. The Abbott government proposes to pay primary carers at their pre-birth wages...

Headline prevalence data: national review on discrimination related to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work 2014

This survey provides baseline data on discrimination in the workplace related to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work following parental leave. Introduction: This survey provides baseline data on the extent, nature and consequences of discrimination in Australian workplaces related to pregnancy, parental leave and...
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Fact Check: Rupert Murdoch's public sector pay, sick leave tweet checks out

News Corporation's executive chairman Rupert Murdoch claims public workers in Australia earn more and take many more sick days than their private sector counterparts.

The impact of the Australian Catholic University's paid maternity leave provision

In August 2001 the Australian Catholic University announced that its new General Staff Enterprise Bargaining Agreement included a provision for one year's paid maternity leave - 12 weeks on full pay and a further 40 weeks on 60 per cent pay. Denise Thompson Michael Bittman...
Discussion paper

Annual leave in Australia: an analysis of entitlements, usage and preferences

This report highlights the low level of annual leave available to most Australian employees when compared to the amount of leave available to European workers. A survey commissioned by The Australia Institute found that 57 per cent of full-time employees did not take their full...

Paid maternity leave

The debate as to whether government should fund paid maternity leave to an ILO standard has received greater scrutiny following an interim report by the Human Rights Commission released in April. An Australian Democrats Bill to introduce paid maternity leave was tabled in May, and...