Australia-US relations


Stronger together: US force posture in Australia’s north—a US perspective on Australia’s strategic geography

This report argues why, and analyses how, Australia’s defence force capabilities and strategic geography can enable US force posture initiatives in the Indo-Pacific to promote greater regional cooperation in ways that advance US and Australian national interests.
Policy report

Resisting China’s economic coercion: why America should support Australia

Countering China’s coercive diplomacy and power trading is a necessary defensive measure to protect the prosperity and security of every nation that values its sovereignty and an open trading system. This paper argues that Canberra has shown the way forward, but now also needs Washington’s...
Discussion paper

The Biden Presidency and Australia’s security reset

The swearing-in of Joe Biden as 46th President of the United States will signal a reset in the strategic relationship between Australia and its US partner. In this discussion paper, Allan Behm argues that Australia will need to do its own thinking, reinvesting in both...

The new President: what Biden’s foreign policy agenda means for Australia

Joe Biden comes to the presidency amid great expectations for a return to normalcy in American foreign policy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a more benign international environment for Australia. This paper argues that Australia has an important role to play on what might be...
Discussion paper

The ostrich sticks its head in the sand and thinks itself safe

David Feeney argues that Australia needs a grand strategy which will consider the actions it can take, as a status quo medium power, to support the Rules Based Global Order and secure the country's economic, strategic and diplomatic national interests.
Discussion paper

From dependency to armed neutrality: future options for Australian national security

This paper considers Australia's future security options, advocating a holistic methodology that examines traditional security challenges within the context of the natural world, including climate change.

The Lowy Institute poll 2009: Australia and the world

The fifth annual Lowy Institute Poll surveys Australian public opinion on a broad range of foreign policy issues. New questions this year cover the priority given to action on climate change, public attitudes towards relations with the US and China, foreign investment, asylum seekers, how...