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Policy costings

Fact sheet

Fact Check: Labor MP Michelle Rowland incorrect on the Coalition's policy costings

Federal Labor member for Greenway in New South Wales, Michelle Rowland, claims the Coalition has not submitted any policies for costing to the Parliamentary Budget Office.

Report of PBO operations for the 2018 Victorian general election

The Victorian Parliamentary Budget Office prepared 1044 independent election policy costing responses for the 2018 general election costing period.

2019 Post-election report of election commitments

This guidance note provides information on the 2019 Post-election report of election commitments, including arrangements for engagement with parliamentary parties.

Parliamentary Budget Office operational plan 2018-19

Previously, only government members could access public sector expertise and information for fiscal analysis. Now, all Members of Parliament can request the services of the PBO to understand the fiscal impact of their policies. This will ‘level the playing field’ for political parties, improving fairness...
Briefing paper

Including broader economic effects in policy costings

A key role for the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) is to prepare budget quality costings of policies proposed by members of Parliament. This paper explains the PBO’s approach and sets out how and when broader economy wide effects, also referred to as second round effects...
Briefing paper

What is a Parliamentary Budget Office costing?

This PBO information paper provides a conceptual explanation of what a costing is, what a costing is designed to capture and how a costing estimate is generated. It has been prepared to improve understanding of what a costing represents and assist in the interpretation of...
Technical report

Factors influencing the reliability of policy proposal costings

This technical note has been prepared to raise awareness of the factors affecting uncertainty in costings and how the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) deals with them.

Pre-election fiscal outlook report

The Fiscal Integrity and Transparency Act requires the public release of a Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook Report within 10 days of the issue of a writ for a Northern Territory general election. In accordance with this requirement, the Report was released on 18 August 2016. The...