Worker cooperatives


Doing business together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ inclusion in the Australian co-operative and mutual sector

Framing the challenge of inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities within the co-operative and mutual enterprises (CME) sector in Australia, this report concludes that the sector has a huge opportunity to engage in transmission of the CME business model for the social and...

Co-op economy report 2021

The Co-op Economy is the only comprehensive report on the UK’s cooperative sector. It reveals that co-ops have become even more valuable to the communities in which they operate during the Covid pandemic.

Action to empower: why Australia needs more co-operative and mutual enterprises in health, community, and social services

This report is a call to action to demonstrate how targeted policy measures focused on enabling different forms of ownership, can increase diversity and choice in social services in Australia with positive outcomes for the quality and productivity of those services.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper: Co-operatives and Mutuals as social enterprises

This paper discusses how co-operatives and mutuals sit alongside contemporary definitions and accreditation processes for social enterprise and the alignment between the objectives of social enterprise policymakers and the purpose of co-operative and mutual enterprises. The case study section, provided as an appendix, includes important...

Rebuilding business for society

This report reveals the contrasting views employees of different types of firm have about their workplaces in terms of purpose, and the importance of ownership to these perceptions. Taking these results, the authors discuss why diverse forms of ownership are necessary to achieve the broader...

UK co-op economy 2020: a report on the UK’s co-operative sector

The Co-op Economy is the nation’s only comprehensive report on the UK’s co-operative sector. It reveals turnover, membership and employee figures for thousands of co-op enterprises across the UK.

Towards a co-operative state: securing the social and economic prosperity of South Australia through corporate diversity

The purpose of this report is to highlight the potential impact that social enterprise and co-operative organisations have on addressing some of the social and economic challenges facing South Australia.

An analysis of the social enterprise sector in the UK

This paper provides an overview of the current state of the UK social enterprise sector and some analysis on how the UK Government has helped facilate the growth of the sector.
Working paper

Recent evolutions of the social economy in the European Union

This report explores the recent evolution of the social economy in the EU. It focuses on three areas: firstly, the social economy and the emergent concepts related to it, secondly, the public policies adopted in both the EU and the member states in the recent...

Building resiliency through green infrastructure: a community wealth building approach

This report provides suggests ways for cities to build better relationships with our natural assets through green infrastructure at the same time as fostering stronger, more resilient communities.

Cooperatives and peace: strengthening democracy, participation and trust

The report demonstrates that cooperatives can play an important role in peacebuilding worldwide, while also contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Co-operatives in the creative industries: think-piece

The creative industries – the media industries, arts and services like design and architecture – have been the focus of policy attention, support and funding for some two decades and more. And not just in the UK. This is a global phenomenon with governments across...

Funding the cooperative city

Funding the Cooperative City explores how citizen initiatives, cooperatives, non-profit companies, community land trusts, crowdfunding platforms, ethical banks and anti-speculation foundations step out of the regular dynamisms of real estate development and arrange new mechanisms to access, purchase, renovate or construct buildings for communities.

Cooperative, mutual and member-owned firms

The role, importance, and overall performance of cooperative, mutual and member-owned firms in the Australian economy. On 2 March 2015, the Senate referred the following matters to the Economics Reference Committee for inquiry and report by 14 May 2015.