Competition law


The Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, and the new competition tool

This paper reviews ongoing deliberations surrounding the EU Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA). It also discusses possible implications of upcoming legislation for European innovation, the business models of U.S. companies serving European customers, and global digital services standards.

Rod Sims' address to the 2019 Competition Law Conference

Transcript of ACCC Chair, Rod Sims' addresses the 2019 Competition Law Conference, discussing the merger regime in relation to digital platforms.

Pecuniary penalties for competition law infringements in Australia 2018

This report compares Australia's pecuniary sanctions regime for competition law infringements to that of a number of other major OECD jurisdictions.
Working paper

The Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law: Lessons for Australian banks and Chinese regulators

This research project compares the application of the competition laws of China and Australia to bank mergers, against financial regulatory frameworks and the dual objectives of competition and economic stability. As the title indicates, it seeks to identify lessons for Australian banks and Chinese regulators...
Working paper

Balancing competition and stability in Australian retail banking

The Australian Government initiated two major reviews in 2014: the Financial System Inquiry and the Competition Policy Review. These have highlighted policy trade-off between competition and financial stability. Since the global financial crisis, policymakers and economic researchers internationally have highlighted the need for prudential regulation...