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Research that matters: societies in drastic change

From vacuum cleaner robots to voice assistants, artificial intelligence has transformed the world we live in. In this episode, Torrens University researchers talk about pushing the boundaries of AI further to solve some of our biggest problems, like COVID-19, supply chain efficiencies, and accounting audits.

Vulnerable supply chains: Productivity Commission study report

The Productivity Commission was asked to examine the nature and source of risks to the effective functioning of the Australian economy and Australian’s wellbeing associated with disruptions to global supply chains. This report considers the factors that make supply chains vulnerable, with a focus on...

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents exciting opportunities to reimagine the way that we live in our cities and regions. This report examines current and future IoT applications in cities and regions, including public service delivery, healthcare, transport, advanced manufacturing, freight and logistics and the...

Africa e-commerce agenda: roadmap for action

This agenda calls for action from e-commerce stakeholders within and beyond Africa to consider eight identified areas – ranging from refreshing policies to expanding connectivity, and upgrading logistics to managing data.
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Combining takt production with industrialized logistics in construction

The purpose of this research is to investigate how takt production benefits from proper logistics solutions. The findings reveal that utilizing specific assembly and logistics units together with JIT delivery of material kits and integrated design and production information reduces material waste and procurement costs...
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Development of systematic construction logistics using 'intelligent products'

The contribution of this study in construction supply chain is to design and develop an innovative logistics management framework using context-aware and autonomous product centric system. More specifically, the proposed framework is responsive to real-world circumstances by demonstration of autonomous behaviour, and support several lean...
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A GIS methodology for estimating the transport network impedance to last-mile delivery

The ‘last mile’ delivery in cities is not merely a logistics problem, but also a significant urban planning challenge. With the rapid growth of online retail transactions, the size and scope of last mile problem will more likely to escalate. This paper aims to measure...
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The impact of logistics activity on cities

This paper reviews research and practical examples of the logistics function and how this has become a very spatially extensive activity in many metropolitan areas.