Public advocacy

Discussion paper

Service models on the health justice landscape: a closer look at partnership

This paper explores what takes a health justice partnership beyond ‘status quo’ services in terms of purpose, structure, activity and resourcing, and notes points of difference with other service models on the health justice landscape.
Literature review

Supporting students' learning

This Learning Curve presents findings from the 2016 Tell Them From Me school surveys completed by primary and secondary students, parents/carers and teachers in NSW government schools.
Position paper

Policy priorities for the next Australian government: whole of government advisory structures

Australia's peak body for social services has released its election policy priorities for whole of government advisory structures.

Oxfam’s guide to feminist influencing

This guide was written for Oxfam staff. However, it is useful for anyone interested in learning more about how to apply feminist principles and practices to campaigning, policy, advocacy and influencing.

Goodstart: steering a social enterprise for impact

SVA’s incoming CEO, Suzie Riddell, asks Goodstart how, as a social enterprise, it balances its commercial and social goals; and what role influencing the system plays in meeting its purpose.

A toolkit for gender advocacy

The advice and information in this toolkit is drawn from the wisdom and experiences of parliamentarians and advocates. This is a collection of practical tips and policy building advice that will help you shape policy for the better.

AIRAH Advocacy: Policy and Advocacy Positions 2017 – 2020

A position paper from Australian Institute of Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) detailing their positions on resilience, sustainability, compliance, refrigerant transition and innovation & research in the HVAC&R industry.
Conference paper

Celebrating the National Disability Insurance Scheme? Insights from News Media and Disability Advocates

The legislative framework to establish the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was passed by the Australian Parliament in March 2013. The NDIS is expected to become fully operational in 2018-19 and to provide care and support to 410,000 people with a significant and permanent disability...

Cost, status, service and sustainability, changing expectations around Australian funeral practice

Different funeral options are increasingly sought after, driven by values such as cost effectiveness and sustainability. Empowered consumer choices entail conversations such as those encouraged by 8 August Dying to Know Day. An alternative such as DIY implies being able and willing to put a...

National arts advocacy campaigns: overview of case studies and good practice

Arts advocacy is a key challenge, one shared by government agencies and arts communities around the world. Based on desk research and responses to a survey distributed in August 2009 to the IFACCA network, this report provides a platform for the exchange of information and...