Low energy housing

Low carbon housing

Decarbonising homes: consumer attitudes towards energy efficiency and green heating in the UK

This report examines consumer attitudes about energy efficiency and green heating, exploring barriers to adoption, as well as possible incentives that could be tested and implemented to achieve a zero-carbon Britain.
Literature review

Building energy performance gap issues: an international review

Building energy efficiency has been identified as a cost-effective opportunity to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and a variety of policies are being implemented to harvest this efficiency potential. However, there are growing concerns about a gap between predicted or expected energy consumption...
Systematic review

Policy for low carbon (energy efficiency) retrofit/renovation of residential buildings

This review identifies themes to consider for policies to effect low carbon residential retrofits and/or renovations.

Guide to low carbon residential buildings – new build

This document offers practical advice to developers and owner builders on how to achieve these objectives through the conception and realisation of a new home.

Toolkit: Building energy efficiency policies

The content of these slides was to identify, prioritise and quantify these policy options for interventions to rapidly increase energy efficiency during the change of government and the incoming government. The purpose is to teach emerging professionals in the emerging economies about building energy efficiency...
Fact sheet

Addressing Australia's worsening energy deprivation - policy guide note

This resource suggests that there are a wide range of financial and non-financial barriers limiting the ability of lower income households to address energy deprivation.

Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities: final report

This report presents a summary of all the findings and activities performed in the LCL-CRC research project RP1011 “Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities” and represents the culmination of the project.

Adelaide living laboratory - value proposition: low carbon housing policy

This report systematically presents a framework for which benefits and costs of a low carbon housing policy are perceived by the State Government investor. The benefits far outweigh the costs associated with creating low carbon housing.
Conference paper

Analysis on design data of low energy housing in Japan

In order to achieve low energy housing, it is important to quantitatively and comprehensively determine the effectiveness of energy saving technologies and to evaluate the energy conservation performance of an entire house.
Conference paper

Future policy directions for zero emission housing in Australia: implications from an international review and comparison

This paper analyses current new housing energy performance policies from Australia, the EU and USA against a set of socio-technical transitions principles presented within a zero emission housing framework.