First Peoples social enterprise

Indigenous social enterprise
Journal article

Indigenous community-led programs to address food and water security: protocol for a systematic review

This article seeks to provide insights on models and mechanisms to encourage action and metrics for quantifying success of Indigenous community-led programs to improve food and water security.

Victorian social enterprise strategy 2021-2025

This strategy document sets an ambitious agenda for a thriving Victorian social enterprise sector – creating jobs, fostering social entrepreneurship and supplying the marketplace with quality and diverse goods and services.

In good hands: the people and communities behind Aboriginal-led solutions

This report shows Indigenous knowledge is being applied successfully in a wide range of services and business activities, with good results for Indigenous peoples and, when government funding is involved, a great return on investment.

Queensland social enterprise strategy

Social enterprises play an important role in delivering jobs and training opportunities for disadvantaged people. This strategy document outlines the Queensland government’s commitment to supporting the growth of the social enterprise sector in Queensland.

Social enterprise: a people-centred approach to employment services

This report shows that employment-focused social enterprises are playing a critical role in improving the lives of disadvantaged Australians by offering a people-centred approach to employment support services.
Technical report

Do employment-focused social enterprises provide a pathway out of disadvantage? An evidence review

This evidence review, drawing on secondary analysis of existing evidence from academic and grey literature, addresses whether and how employment redresses disadvantage; the current costs and future implications of unemployment and underemployment; and the potential and impacts of employment-focused social enterprises on employment creation and...
Journal article

What makes for a collaborative philanthropic partnership?

Indigenous women’s social enterprise, Marnin Studio and SVA describe what it takes from ‘venture’ and ‘funder’.
Journal article

Do's and don'ts of investing in Indigenous social enterprises

Insights from the recent two year Indigenous Social Enterprise Fund pilot provide lessons about supporting Indigenous social enterprises to grow. The Indigenous Social Enterprise Fund (ISEF) was established to support the development of Indigenous social enterprises to scale and become sustainable. A $1 million, two-year...