Briefing paper

Press freedom in Australia: white paper

The AJF has released this white paper that provides seven recommendations for legislative change to strengthen press freedom in Australia. The recommendations include a framework underpinned by a Media Freedom Act that balances press freedom and national security interests, protecting journalists engaged in their work...
Journal article

Political journalists and their social media audiences: new power relations

This article pursues a cross-national comparison of interactions between political journalists and their audiences on Twitter in Germany and Australia, documenting how the differences in the status of Twitter in each country’s media environment manifest in activities and network interactions.

It’s reputation that matters when spin doctors go back to the newsroom

When a journalist moves from press secretary to press gallery reporter, it raises tricky ethical questions for news editors in the face of possible concerns about the former political staff member’s independence and partisanship. Caroline Fisher explains.

Existing shield laws do little to protect Australians, or our democracy

This article argues for better 'shield laws' which are designed to protect journalists from forced disclosure of confidential sources and information. They attempt to mediate the conflict between a journalist wanting to protect their sources and a court needing the relevant evidence before it.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Journalists face 10 years' jail for exposing security agency bungles

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese claims the Government's new terror laws mean members of the media face potential penalties of five to 10 years' jail for exposing what might be an error made by security agencies.