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Ministerial staff


Creating and dismantling government departments

Much like what occurs in Australia, this paper argues that while creating a new department can be useful to focus on a high priority issue or to bring together related policy areas, most changes in the United Kingdom are rushed through either to send a...

Dirty power: big coal's network of influence over the Coalition government

This report analyses the extent to which the coal industry is embedded in Australian federal politics. It demonstrates how coal’s pivotal position in key networks of influence has enabled its interests to remain central to the climate and energy policy agenda of the Morrison Government.

Being a trusted and respected partner: the APS's relationship with ministers and their offices

One of the key functions of the APS is how it interacts with ministers, and the nature and quality of that relationship affects the quality of public administration. This paper explores those interactions, how they have changed over time, and explores a new vision of...

Transforming PM&C for a better Australia: corporate plan 2018-2022

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s corporate plan outlines the direction for the organisation over the next four years.

Statement of ministerial standards

Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries are entrusted with the conduct of public business and must act in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of integrity and propriety. The public, quite rightly, has high expectations of them, in terms of their personal conduct and...

Ministerial staff: a need for transparency and accountability?

In this submission to the Senate inquiry into the staff of members of parliament, Anne Tiernan and Patrick Weller identify five core problems with the ministerial staff system as it has evolved.

Accountability of ministerial staff

The accountability of ministerial staff has re-emerged as an issue during the hearings of the Senate Committee inquiring into "a certain maritime incident". The growth of ministerial staff numbers and the perception that they operate independently of direct ministerial supervision suggests that new accountability mechanisms...