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Petroleum industry and trade
Fact sheet

Fact Check: How much will the fuel tax hike leave you out of pocket?

The Abbott government claims an increase in the fuel excise will cost households an extra 40 cents a week. But the Australian Automobile Association says the Government is being disengenuous because the average motorist will actually pay about $140 extra

Liquid fuel security: a quick guide – May 2020 update

This quick guide is designed to answer some of the common questions regarding liquid fuel security in Australia. It also contains a list of key resources to provide context and assist understanding of this long-running issue.

Restricting the production of fossil fuels in Aotearoa New Zealand

In 2018, the New Zealand Government decided not to grant any new petroleum prospecting, exploration and mining permits outside onshore Taranaki. The aim of this report is to extend the existing analysis by providing an assessment of what is known about the environmental effectiveness and...

Petrol prices vary significantly: report on petrol prices by major retailer in 2018

This report analyses annual and monthly average retail petrol prices in 2018, to identify the highest and lowest priced major retailers in the eight Australian capital cities.

Submission: interim report on the Liquid Fuel Security Review

Australia faces significant risks to national security, energy security and climate change mitigation, due to a heavy reliance on imported oil and access to only a limited amount of fuel at any one time, according to this submission from the Australia Institute.

Liquid Fuel Security Review: interim report

This is the first in-depth look at Australia's liquid fuel sector for many years and it is important that industry and the community have an opportunity to contribute to the review.
Discussion paper

Consultation paper: Proposed reserved blocks (no-go zones) for petroleum activities in the Northern Territory

This paper has been released to provide an opportunity for the community to comment on the areas proposed to be protected from petroleum activities. The consultation period closes on 20 June 2019.
Working paper

New kid on the block? China vs the US in world oil markets

China has recently overtaken the U.S to become the world largest importer of crude oil. In light of this fact, this paper formally compares contributions of demand shocks from China, the U.S and the rest of the world. It finds that China's influence on the...

Review into the Operation of the Low Aromatic Fuel Act 2013

This review was conducted to ascertain the effectiveness of the Low Aromatic Fuel Act 2013 in meeting its primary object: “to enable special measures to be taken to reduce potential harm to the health of people, including Aboriginal persons and Torres Strait Islanders, living in...

Petrol price cycles in Australia

This report on petrol price cycles in Australia examines how price cycles occur, how they have changed over time, and how consumers can use them to save money when they buy petrol.