Young workers



Young adults' experiences with Australian public services: final report

This report presents the findings of a large-scale, mixed-methods study of youth transitions in Australia, with a particular focus on young people's experiences with public services.
Briefing paper

The tale of Goldilocks and the three fears (about the minimum wage)

This article recommends that the New Zealand Government commission impartial research on a series of issues that continue to be raised in discussions of the minimum wage in New Zealand. The purpose of this research is to build an agreed fact base upon which debate...

Young people, transition into work and mental wellbeing

The research outlined in this report identifies early working life (inclusive of the period of transition from education into paid employment) as being a time of particular vulnerability for young people.

ASEAN youth: technology, skills and the future of work

This report analyses the views of young citizens in the South-East Asia region on future of work, skills and technology. It also details their skills gap, their future career aspirations and their preferences on skills training.
Conference paper

Listening to and learning from some of Melbourne’s younger planning practitioners

This paper investigates the professional experiences of eleven young Melbourne planners, interviewed in late 2016. They were encouraged to speak as they wished about themselves, their careers to date and planning more generally. Initial interpretation is based on themes they raised. Subsequent use of neoliberalism...

The new work reality

Following the journeys of 14,000 young people over a decade, this report reveals the factors that accelerate the transition to full-time work, including the skills, mindset and confidence young people need to navigate our changed world of work.