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Social justice and the future of fire insurance in Australia

Major bushfires are now occurring with increased frequency. This means that houses will be more at risk than ever and Australia will have to decide whether the current purely market-based mechanism is the best means of protecting people’s homes.
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Speculative vacancies 9

This Speculative Vacancies report is timely in its analysis of vacancy at the peak of the Melbourne property cycle. During the period of this study, vacancy taxes had not been enacted at a state level.

Understanding the assumptions and impacts of the Victorian Public Housing Renewal Program

This report, evaluating the Victorian government’s program to redevelop inner suburban public housing estates, says the plan may reduce the amount of homes available for vulnerable households.
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What’s it all about, Monarto?

In December 1974, when the Monarto Development Commission’s Town Planning Division asked this question, the new town of Monarto – arguably Australia’s last such project to date – had less than a year left as a serious proposition. Monarto was to be South Australia’s second...
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'An alternative solution'

Following World War II, Australia was confronted by a severe shortage of dwellings. In 1944, the Commonwealth Housing Commission Report estimated that Australia needed 700,000 new homes within a decade in order to overcome both the existing deficit and meet anticipated demand. Initial plans intended...
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Henry Krongold and Lincolnville

The city of Melbourne is one significantly shaped by the activities of private land developers, who undertook the subdivision, planning, and sale of residential estates which now comprise the bulk of extant suburbs. A number of these estates were highly speculative in nature, reflecting renewed...
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Integrating Sustainability in Property Valuation - Highlights from the high-level roundtable

This document contains the highlights from the high-level roundtable organised in the framework of the RenoValue project. The event took place at the European Parliament, in Brussels, Belgium, on 26 January 2016, providing the opportunity to discuss how policy makers can strengthen the role of...

Technological disruption in private housing markets: the case of Airbnb

This study looks at how short-term letting (STL) platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway and are reshaping housing opportunity in private markets. It analyses Airbnb listing data from Sydney and Melbourne to reveal insights into the extent STL is contributing to housing affordability issues and to...
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Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018: Bill Brief

This Bill Brief provides an overview of the Bill, including a comprehensive background, an analysis of several key features of the Bill, and a comparison with other jurisdictions in Australia.
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From undetermined to over-determined space: public/private interface in residential back-laneways

This paper examines interface conditions between public and private spaces in residential back-laneways of Melbourne’s inner-suburbs.