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City economy

City economics
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The urban economy: analytical, research and policy challenges

An understanding of the economic base of cities is necessary for their effective management. We need to develop both the economic tools and the policy expertise necessary for that purpose.
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The Greater Sydney knowledge region: a basis for future development

In order to devise effective policies for economic growth and employment development within their jurisdictions, urban authorities need to understand and take account of the knowledge infrastructure available.
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The role of knowledge in large Australian city – regions: a traditional industry in Greater Western Sydney and the Hunter Region

This paper explores the effects of territorial systems on the knowledge and innovation processes of industries traditionally regarded as low-knowledge intensive, in this case the steel industry.
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Corporate restructuring, the new information technologies and spatial networks

The new small and medium sized businesses that are a by-product of this corporate restructuring use spatial networks instead of hierarchy (e.g. vertical and horizontal integration) to address agency problems and reduce transaction costs.
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Urban agglomeration of advanced business services in Australia: some policy implications

While globalisation and production chain unbundling is allowing Advanced Business Services to reach out to clients in distant regions and countries, the tendency towards consolidation of these firms into Australia’s biggest cities, in particular Sydney and Melbourne, is of policy concern.
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Is there a spatial mismatch between housing affordability and employment opportunity in Melbourne?

The research reported in this paper is situated at within a set of contemporary literatures concerning the spatial development of large urban areas, within the context of the ongoing restructuring of urban employment and housing markets.
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Housing costs and work locations in Sydney

This paper outlines the background and methodology of a study concerning the housing and work situations of low and moderate income 'key workers' in the health, transport, hospitality and finance sectors.
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Changing patterns of disadvantage in Gold Coast City

This paper investigates social divisions and the spatial patterns that result from differential levels of engagement with jobs and housing markets in a contemporary Australian urban setting.
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Explaining disparities in employment growth between metropolitan and regional Australia

Over the last few decades there has been considerable change in the industrial and demographic composition of employment with substantial impacts on the spatial economy. There are significant disparities in employment growth rates across metropolitan and regional areas of Australia.
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Placing the Sydney economy: understanding the reterritorialisation of Australia's eastern seaboard

This paper presents an argument for the need to develop a more sophisticated and much needed understanding of the economic role of Sydney within the contemporary Australian eastern seaboard economy as a prerequisite to the development of appropriate urban and regional physical, economic and social...