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Social city rapporteur report

Nineteen papers were part of the Social City stream, with a fairly even spread between macro, meso and micro analyses of issues confronting cities. Two papers from overseas (Auckland/Johannesburg) were included. Australian cities included: Sydney; Melbourne; Adelaide; Brisbane; Newcastle and Geelong. It was disappointing that...
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Neighbourhood inequality - Do small area interactions influence economic outcomes?

Over the last 25 years neighbourhood economic outcomes have become increasingly polarised in Australia. The growing spatial dimensions of this inequality have generated discussion about the existence of ‘neighbourhood effects’, localised externalities and other endogenous processes, leading to underinvestment in education, lower levels of job-creation...
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No Longer an Hour Too Far Away: Reflections on the Impacts of the 'Sea-Change' Phenomenon on a Coastal City

After a decade of rapid change, the sea change phenomenon is now well established on the eastern Australian coast where its impacts have been an ongoing focus for all tiers of government. However, in January 2006, a report to the National Sea Change Taskforce called...