Mobile telecommunications

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Mobile communication systems
Mobile telecommunication systems

Can telephones race? 5G and the evolution of telecom: part 1

This report looks at the environment for competition by exploring how 5G creates wealth, the standards contest, and the effect of technological change in telecommunications as the United States moves to an 'open' environment.
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Mobile communication and refugees: an analytical review of academic literature

Over the past decade, an expanding body of literature has explored the ways in which refugees rely on mobile communication technologies. This article looks into ways in which existing studies address the possibilities and vulnerabilities of mobile communications, the social conditions, and the agency of...

Criteria for security and trust in telecommunications networks and services

The CSIS Working Group on Trust and Security in 5G Networks has developed this criteria for governments and network owners or operators to use in assessing the trustworthiness of telecommunications equipment suppliers.

Australian Communications and Media Authority: communications report 2018–19

This report presents an overview of communications and media in Australia in 2018-19. The findings show a more complex landscape, along with new demand for online services.
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Learning for low carbon living: the potential of mobile learning applications for built environment trades and professionals in Australia

Professionals and tradespeople do not promote low carbon building options unless they have proven solutions and confidence to implement them. Consequently, without effective education and training they continue to ‘lock in’ high carbon options. Studies of education and training in sustainable and low-carbon building practices...
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Disconnect: Killswitch

When you live in a place with mobile phone reception you can switch off your device, but the network stays on. But what if you wanted the whole thing switched off? In some remote Australian communities, it can be.
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Disconnect: The dish

If you’ve driven through the Northern Territory lately you may have seen these structures, always in places where there is no mobile phone reception. No reception, that is, until you rest your phone on one of these bush hotspots.
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Domestic mobile terminating access service declaration inquiry: draft report

The ACCC has released this draft report for the mobile terminating access service declaration inquiry. The ACCC proposes to continue the declaration of voice mobile terminating access services for a further five years and remove the declaration of SMS mobile terminating access services.

Mobile nation 2019: the 5G future

This report examines the impact of mobile technologies on productivity in the Australian economy and the importance of mobile technologies in enabling workforce participation and productivity.

Huawei and Telefunken: communications enterprises and rising power strategies

This Strategic Insight examines Huawei through a historical lens. It identifies strong parallels between the industrial policy adopted by Germany in the early twentieth century to cultivate a ‘national champion’ in communications – Telefunken – and the Chinese party-state’s support for Huawei since its formation...