Skilled workforce

Skilled labour


A roadmap for immigration reform: identifying weak links in the labor supply chain

The authors of this report begin by describing the current U.S. labor market context, noting the important distortions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and their relationship to the immigrant workforce. They also present their detailed framework - the Occupational Opportunity Network, and offer some practical...

Advancing prosperity: 5 year productivity review

If Australia is to continue to grow its economy and increase individual prosperity, productivity policy should focus on key emerging trends like the shift towards service industries, according to this final report of the 5-year Productivity Inquiry.

Green jobs: rapid evidence review

This evidence review aims to summarise what we know in terms of the drivers and barriers to getting more people into 'green' jobs. It also outlines some initial ideas for how policy-makers and employers can intervene.

Australian jobs 2022

This publication provides an overview of trends in the Australian labour market to support job seekers, employment service providers, career practitioners, those considering future training and people interested in labour market issues.

Creating jobs, creating opportunity: tackling long-term unemployment in Australia

This publication lays out a plan to support people who have been out of work long-term.

Australia’s current, emerging and future workforce skills needs

This report shows that over the past year, the Australian labour market has tightened significantly. Five year employment projections indicate that jobs growth is expected to be highest across service industries, and in jobs requiring higher level qualifications.

Australia’s Aged Care sector: full-year report 2021–22

This report 2021-22 finds that the financial performance of many aged care providers has deteriorated in the past year. It also presents new evidence about the challenges in securing a sufficiently skilled aged care workforce.

Australia’s medical workforce: maldistributed and lately never enough

This paper covers the spread of, and interactions within, the medical workforce in recent decades. It does this in order to illustrate the way in which a bias towards hospital and specialist care has occurred.

Quality Dementia Care Initiative: action plan 2022-23

This plan aims to build the capacity and capability of the aged care sector to embed and improve quality care for people living with dementia, their families and carers in Australia.

Our STEM skilled future: an education roadmap for an innovative workforce

This paper argues that Australia needs to design its STEM ecosystem in a manner that ensures we are accounting for the STEM skills we need now, and into the future. Australia's national strategy needs to be robust, evidence-based, promote continual learning, and take a holistic...

5-year Productivity Inquiry: a more productive labour market - interim report

The Productivity Commission’s sixth interim report in its 5-year Productivity Inquiry investigates how workers can boost the nation’s productivity. It explores how Australia might make our business environment more adaptable and flexible, no matter what the future of work looks like.

Treasury Round Up: Productivity edition - October 2022

This edition of the Treasury Round Up looks at a range of issues that affect productivity in the Australian economy.

Power up: ten climate gamechangers

Australia is already suffering significant losses from climate change. The authors of this report argue that accelerating the nation's energy transition will increase energy security and affordability, boost productivity, and ensure we get on a trajectory of steep emissions reductions.

Upskilling and expanding the Australian cyber security workforce

This report tracks and analyses the emerging cyber security needs of Australian firms, paying particular attention to the skills and capabilities of the workers already employed in this crucial sector, and the increasing demand for their work.

Bridging the gap: population, skills and labour market adjustment in WA

This report report takes a rigorous look at skills shortages and labour market dynamics in the Western Australian labour market and provides a fresh conceptual look at what skills shortages are, new empirical evidence on how they arise, as well as potential responses by government...

Shaping our future: implementation and evaluation plan

This implementation and evaluation plan outlines the steps that will be taken to progress actions related to the six focus areas identified in 'Shaping our future', along with how progress will be monitored and reviewed, including in response to emerging priorities.
Briefing paper

Jobs and Skills Summit: outcomes

The Jobs and Skills Summit brought Australians together to work constructively on the challenges and opportunities facing the Australian labour market and economy. A major objective emerging from the summit was the promotion of full employment and growing productivity for the benefit of all Australians.

Inquiry into Victorian universities’ investment in skills

Victoria is facing a shortage of skilled workers in several sectors, including healthcare, community services, engineering, teaching, digital and technology, construction and agriculture. This inquiry examines how Victorian universities can play a greater role to support the pipeline of skilled workers in government priority areas.

Think big: a new mission statement for Australia

In this keynote address to the 2022 Skills and Jobs Summit, Grattan Institute CEO, Danielle Wood, urges Australia’s leaders to forge a plan for full employment and higher productivity.
Discussion paper

Jobs and Skills Summit: unlocking skilled migration

Ahead of the federal government’s Jobs and Skills Summit, CEDA is calling for immediate reforms to the migration system. This discussion paper outlines proposed improvements to the skilled migration system in the immediate term, complemented by substantial reform in the longer term.
Policy report

Equal pay and equal opportunities for women

In this paper, the Business Council of Australia examines the systemic structural, cultural and economic barriers that still exist in childcare, Paid Parental Leave (PPL), superannuation and acquiring skills, that all have direct economic consequences on women’s future economic security.
Policy report

Expanding job opportunities for all Australians including the most disadvantaged

In this policy paper, the Business Council of Australia identifies a number of critical resets needed to remove the barriers that inhibit people getting the hours they need, the skills they need and the jobs they want.
Position paper

Eight opportunities to increase the potential of humanitarian migration to Australia

This document provides key messaging for participants at the 2022 Jobs and Skills Summit on how refugee and humanitarian entrants can and do contribute to meeting Australia’s current and future challenges.
Position paper

Restoring full employment: policies for the Jobs and Skills Summit

ACOSS has released its proposals to restore full employment in Australia for this week’s Jobs and Skills Summit, including a bold plan to reform employment assistance for people unemployed long-term.
Briefing paper

Better harnessing Australia’s talent: five facts for the summit

The e61 Institute has published this research to help guide policy-makers and stakeholders at the upcoming Jobs and Skills Summit being held in Canberra on 1-2 September 2022. The research identifies five key facts using detailed analysis of firm-level and worker-level data.