First Peoples Sentencing Courts

Australian Indigenous Sentencing Courts


Pre-sentence reports for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: an analysis of language and sentiment

Pre-sentence reports (PSRs) provide information to courts on an individual’s background, circumstances, risks, needs and plans. This study describes the language and sentiment in these reports. The authors studied PSRs written for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people sentenced by the mainstream County Court of...
Briefing paper

The impact of the NSW Youth Koori Court on sentencing and re-offending outcomes

The aim of this research was investigate the impact of the NSW Youth Koori Court (YKC) on youth justice outcomes, including the probability of being sentenced to a juvenile control order (JCO) and recidivism.

Evaluation of Murri Court: prepared for the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General

This review provides a mainly qualitative sociological approach to receive and analyse stories and perspectives from those who work in or have otherwise experienced Murri Court.

Circle Sentencing, incarceration and recidivism

This study by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) has found that Aboriginal people who participate in Circle Sentencing have lower rates of imprisonment and recidivism than Aboriginal people who are sentenced in the traditional way.

Joining forces: a partnership approach to effective justice - community-driven social controls working side by side with the Magistracy of the Northern Territory

In February 2012, the author was engaged by the NT Department of Justice to undertake a review of Community Courts. This report outlines his observations and is available for the first time to the general public, courtesy of the author and the NT Attorney-General and...
Briefing paper

Indigenous sentencing courts

This brief focuses on Indigenous sentencing courts, which operate in all Australian states and territories except Tasmania.

National Indigenous Law and Justice Framework 2009–2015

The National Indigenous Law and Justice Framework was developed by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) as a national approach to address serious and complex issues that exist for Indigenous Australians and the criminal justice system.

Indigenous courts and justice practices in Australia

Indigenous participation in sentencing procedures has been occurring informally in remote communities for some time. This paper describes the range of practices used. It is a snapshot of current practice at year-end 2003 in Australia.