Planning policy
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Capability-building competition in design: case study

This paper uses the action research method retrospectively to better understand the development of capability on a series of 7 Higher Education building projects during the architectural planning phase prior to the start of design.
Journal article

An assessment of lean design management practices in construction projects

This paper aims to assess the lean management practices that are performed at the design phase of construction projects. Evidence exists for the implementation of 19 lean design management practices, grouped into three categories: stakeholder management, planning and control, and problem solving and decision making.
Discussion paper

Discussion paper on proposed changes to renewable energy policy in the Planning and Design Code

This discussion paper outlines proposed changes to renewable energy policy in the Planning and Design Code. The paper proposes new planning policies for South Australia’s renewable energy sector, ahead of public consultation on the Planning and Design Code later this year.

Protecting and supporting Melbourne’s strategic agricultural land

From February 2019 to May 2019, DELWP undertook stakeholder and community engagement to test and refine the draft criteria with the community, agricultural industry, local government and key authorities. The purpose of this report is to detail the engagement approach and findings for the first...
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Melanesian tok stori in leadership development: Ontological and relational implications for donor-funded programmes in the Western Pacific

In the Western Pacific, Melanesia has been host to donor-funded leadership programs based on non-Melanesian thought and practice over the years. This article provides a counter-story of a donor-funded leadership programme which utilizes a readily available cultural model of thought and practice of Indigenous origin.

French foreign policy in East Africa: not without challenges, but promising signs exist

This analysis looks at the principal motivations behind France’s foreign policy objectives in the East Africa region, as well as incentives that lie beneath the surface.

Subnational investment in human capital

This report reviews investment in human capital and spending on health and education by both government and donors in all of the 82 poorest countries. It finds that the allocation of funds often does not match the distribution of poverty within countries, and data on...

Pacific experiences with options relevant to climate change and disaster risk finance

The Pacific experiences detailed in this booklet are organised in terms of their relevance to the seven pillars of the Pacific Climate Change Finance Assessment Framework (PCCFAF). The booklet outlines broad regional observations of each of the seven dimensions of the PCCFAF and then presents...

Republic of the Marshall Islands peer review report

This report provides recommendations to the government of Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and its development partners on a set of practical actions in the short to medium term that could strengthen resources use in RMI.
Conference paper

Infill development: planning for a sustainable suburbia

This paper explores the complexity of suburbs, with a particular focus on the environmental benefits that they offer, to show that in some respects suburbs have been miscast as unsustainable. Suburban infill development in a provincial New Zealand city is then used to quantify the...