Congestion charges



Te Ara Matatika: A fair charge for better cities

Cities that have implemented congestion charging have experienced a range of benefits including up to 30% less traffic, reduced congestion, lower emissions, and revenue from the scheme improving transport options. This report discusses how congestion charging can become an equitable part of a decarbonised transport...

Pricing out congestion: experiences from abroad

This report focuses on the international experiences around congestion pricing - that is, the use of road charges that may discourage motorists to avoid travelling at peak times on busy routes.

The price is right: the road to a better transport system

This report shows that in the absence of proper road user pricing, congestion is becoming the new normal in New Zealand's urban centres, costing the economy billions of dollars every year.

Right time, right place, right price: a practical plan for congestion charging in Sydney and Melbourne

Last week’s Grattan report, Why it’s time for congestion charging, argued that congestion charging is the most effective way to make Australia’s capital cities work better. This new report lays out a detailed, feasible, and fair congestion-charging scheme for Australia’s two biggest cities.

Why it’s time for congestion charging: better ways to manage busy urban roads

Everyone wants less congestion - it would make life easier for drivers and make our cities work better. This plan attempts to tackle traffic congestion, without asking Australian communities to pay billions of dollars for major new roads.
Discussion paper

Fair and efficient congestion pricing for downtown Seattle

Uber supports congestion pricing as a solution to urban traffic and so sponsored this white paper to explore the potential impacts of one approach to introducing tolls in Seattle. This analysis uses the best available information on regional travel patterns and the Seattle road network...

Seattle congestion pricing study: phase 1 summary report

The City of Seattle is exploring congestion pricing as a way to address traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create a more equitable transportation system. This summary report includes highlights of the work to date.

Stuck in traffic? Road congestion in Sydney and Melbourne

This report argues that road congestion charges should be introduced in Sydney and Melbourne, as both cities face traffic gridlock in the future unless decisive action is taken to manage congestion.