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State elections

Provincial elections

Queensland State Election 2020: a quick guide

This guide provides a brief overview of the 2020 Queensland Legislative Assembly election results and the new ministry appointed after the election. It also includes background information on the electoral system in Queensland, a summary of the 2020 election results, and details of byelections and...

The 2020 Northern Territory election: a quick guide

The 2020 Northern Territory (NT) election was held on 22 August 2020. It was the first Australian state or territory election held during the COVID-19 pandemic. This quick guide summarises the election and its results, and the political context in the lead up to the...

Inquiry into the conduct of the 2018 Victorian state election

This report finds that there is much to be proud of in Victoria’s democracy. But there is also room for improvement. The report includes 49 recommendations aimed at enhancing elections in Victoria.

One day in November - Report to Parliament on the 2010 Victorian State election

The Victorian Electoral Commissions report on the 2010 Victorian state election. The 2010 Victorian state election brought a change of government. This report provides detailed analysis of the election, its procedures and processes.

The 2014 Victorian State Election

This paper provides context to the outcome of the Victorian State election by examining the redistribution of Victoria’s state electoral boundaries; an overview of the election campaign, the leaders’ debate, preference deals, social media, key policies, and polls data in the lead up to, and...

Inquiry into the conduct of the 2010 Victorian state election and matters related thereto

This report examines the 2010 election in Victoria, considering issues such as electronic voting, the integrity of the electoral roll, optional preferential voting and the effectiveness of automatic electoral enrolment.

The 2006 Victorian State Election

This paper examines the Victorian election campaign and the result, describing who won and why. It also includes a detailed explanation of voting for the new-look Legislative Council, and voting figures for each Assembly District and Council Region.

Victorian election 2002

In last year's Victorian electiont the ALP gained its largest-ever Legislative Assembly majority, the Liberal Party suffered its most severe defeat in fifty years, the National Party almost lost its parliamentary party status, the Greens performed well enough to suggest that they may be able...