Textiles: a transitions report for Australia

This report is the culmination of four years of research in the Australian textiles and fashion space. It takes a systems transformation approach - using an evidence-informed framework to detail a set of practical pathways, to increase and regulate textile transparency, traceability and verification towards...

New approaches to supply chain traceability: implications for Xinjiang and beyond

This report first explores the need for supply chain traceability, current approaches, and the challenges the apparel and textile industry faces with forced labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region context. It goes on to discusses a number of new initiatives and technologies, exploring the...

South Side Pride: Celebrating the Pride of South Auckland Through Interactive Storytelling

Using contemporary and traditional forms of technology and textiles, this project aims to give the South Auckland community a voice, and to share the community’s unique nature. Within a participatory design approach and an action research framework, South Auckland residents contributed stories, thoughts and perspectives...
Briefing paper

Hemp as fibre and food? Regulatory developments and current issues

​Cannabis comes in over 2,000 varieties. Depending on their characteristics, these may be used for medical purposes (medical cannabis), as a recreational drug (marijuana), or as a source of fibre and food products (industrial hemp). A key differentiating factor is the presence, or otherwise, of...