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Virtual design and construction application during the bidding stage of infrastructure projects

The bidding stage of infrastructure projects involves dealing with high levels of uncertainty and risks, as information at the early stage of the projects are often incomplete. This article aims to present the case study of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) implementation at the bidding...
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The implementation of lean construction and six sigma concepts in light brick installation: a case study in Cordova apartment project

Sustainability has become a significant issue this decade, and construction companies are required to be able to manage their resources effectively and efficiently through the completion of environmentally friendly projects. The purpose of this study is to minimize waste in light brick installation using lean...
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Overcoming information asymmetry in the construction industry based on open and closed contractor activity data

The purpose of the research is to find measures to reduce information asymmetry which significantly affects the relationship between customer and contractor, leading to higher prices for construction work and enhanced opportunism. The most effective level of interaction is ethical, as it significantly reduces information...

Construction supply chain economics

This publication presents real-world case studies to combine theory and practice to describe the economic structural and behavioural characteristics of sectors integral to the construction industry performance. It details 'everyday' experiences and procurement decisions made by people in firms in the industry related to projects...
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Quantifying stakeholders’ influence on energy efficiency of housing: development and application of a four-step methodology

Identifying stakeholders’ influence on project outcomes, prioritizing their importance and managing their interests accordingly is an effective strategy for maximizing benefits for organizations. Quantifying human influence on buildings’ energy efficiency can help future researchers and housing industry stakeholders in integrating the human aspect with technological...
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Best value procurement: experiences from the execution phase

Best value procurement (BVP) is one of the approaches for early contractor involvement (ECI) in public construction projects. This study has developed important measures and improvements for how to practice BVP in the Norwegian construction industry, and is among the first to document experiences from...
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The prevailing procurement system as a source of waste in construction: a case study

Prevailing project procurement processes and strategies are thought to be the root cause for many of the reported criticisms of the construction industry, such as lack of trust and collaboration and short term adversarial and transactional relationships. This study uses an integrated grounded theory case-study...

Ethical behaviour in the construction procurement process

Ethical practice and behaviour is a means for improving inter-organisational relationships by providing a clear understanding of the rights and obligations of all parties, improving productivity, affecting long-term business dealings, and influencing quality, time and costs. Therefore, the ability to build sustainable relationships grounded in...
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A framework for ethical procurement of construction projects in Nigerian Federal Universities

This study aims at developing a framework to mediate the large negative effects of unethical procurement practices on construction project developments. Findings revealed conflict of interest factors had large negative effects on procurement of construction and infrastructural projects, and ethical procurement practices identified and introduced...
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Challenges of electronic reverse auctions in construction industry — a review

This paper consolidates and critically discusses current knowledge concerning the adoption and use of electronic reverse auctions in the light of specific features of the construction industry. Findings indicate that studies are addressing five main areas, i.e., suitability of electronic reverse auction (eRA) for construction...
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The influence of trust in traditional contracting: investigating the "lived experience" of stakeholders

Contractual design encourages stakeholders to defend their own individual interest to the likely detriment of project objectives. These failings are not disputed, however, given that trust is a fundamental requirement for human interaction the influence of trust is potentially important in terms of stakeholder relationships...
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The importance of Project Governance Framework in project procurement planning

This paper highlights the importance of implementing project governance framework (PGF) to ensure that the decision makers are answerable and accountable to the stakeholders, and the decision making is transparent to avoid any ethical issues arising.
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Critical analysis of procurement techniques in construction management sectors

There is a lack of giving an account on the relationship between the procurement techniques and the progressed related issues, for example, supply chain, sustainability, innovation and technology development, lean construction, constructability, value management, Building Information Modelling (BIM) as well as e-procurement. Through chosen papers...
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Barriers and challenges to implement integrated project delivery in China

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) improves construction project performance. In China, though IPD is known due to its theoretical advantages and benefits, effective implementation of IPD in construction projects is rare. This may be caused by some existing barriers and problems. The purpose of this study...
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An improved approach to the subcontracting procurement process in a lean construction setting

Based on case studies of construction projects, we propose a 'lean' subcontracting procurement process (LSPP) drawing from lean construction theory.
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Discrete costing versus collaborative costing

Collaborative efforts in the construction industry include the use of integrated systems like BIM, lean and innovative procurement options which are now reshaping project delivery systems. However, in the UK, most efforts have focused primarily on the conventional project management system, which is coherent and...
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A comparison of competitive dialogue and best value procurement

Competitive Dialogue (CD) and Best Value Procurement (BVP) are two different approaches to early contractor involvement (ECI) in public projects. However, it is not clear which approach is best suited for what kind of project situations, and which is better for implementing lean in public...
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Motives for the use of competitive dialogue

Competitive dialogue (CD) is a seldom-practised procurement procedure in Norway. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) plans to use it in complex and mega infrastructure project in the future. This study investigates how CD has contributed to the implementation of lean in the public sector...
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Using technology to achieve lean objectives

The construction industry is facing increased challenges and becoming more and more complex due to number of factors. Whether it is constructing a Building, Infrastructure or Industrial plant, the challenges remain there in every type of the project. This results in delays, waste, overruns and...
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Integration of lean construction and building information modeling in a large client organization in Massachusetts

The paper shows how a large client organization is integrating Lean and BIM in real projects and how it is possible to measure it thanks to a Maturity Matrix. Research findings are useful for large client organizations that would like to integrate BIM and Lean...