Soft power



Public displays of affection: how can artists rebrand soft power?

This publication reports on a conference that explored the relationship of arts and cultural initiatives to soft-power agendas which, along with ‘market’ and ‘audience development,’ often underpin the Australian government’s investment in international arts activities.

The soft power of smart cities: the giant missing bit

In this article, Dr Natalia Grincheva argues that the convergence of soft power and smart city ambitions and strategies is inevitable, and that museums play a key role as centres of soft power through their ability to attract visitors, elevate the global visibility of cities...

Chinese influence in the Pacific Islands: the yin and yang of soft power

This report finds that the concept of “soft power” is an overrated explanation for Chinese influence in the Pacific Islands. The buzzword often disguises more than it reveals about Chinese influence in Australia’s nearest region.

Hard news and free media as the sharp edge of Australian soft power

Australia's international broadcasting service should be rebuilt to become again an important foreign policy instrument, to promote Australia's interests, influence and values in the Asia-Pacific, according to this report.
Conference paper

Magic weapons: China's political influence activities under Xi Jinping

This paper considers the potential impact of China’s expanded political influence activities in New Zealand and how any effects could be mitigated and countered.

India must do more to fully leverage its soft power potential

India’s soft power resources can be nurtured and better used to advance its foreign policy interests, if the government unobtrusively provides infrastructural support for soft projects and refrains from interfering in the cultural and social lives of its citizens.

Soft diplomacy

What is the future of international cross-cultural relations? And what is the value of creative diplomacy? Overview

Unrealised potential: India's 'soft power' ambition in Asia

This paper makes the argument that India’s enormous ‘soft power’ potential in Asia is based on the fact that a rising India (unlike China) complements rather than challenges the preferred strategic, cultural and normative regional order.