Digital citizenship


Face to face with the future

One thing is clear: the ethical costs of the new system will depend significantly on its precise operation, which at this point remains uncertain.

Good data

This edited collection examines 'good data' practices, values and principles from an interdisciplinary, international perspective. It aims to start a conversation on data futures and present steps to encourage the use of good data in practice.
Policy report

Reforming democracy: deciding, designing and delivering together

This policy document commits the South Australian government to explore and trial ways that build on the start already made in democratic reform. A key initiative will be four 'deliberative democracy projects' where non-government organisations or business will work with the government and the community...
Discussion paper

Cyber and resilience: Digital’s role in regaining resilience

Creating greater resilience is seen by many as one of the biggest challenges facing the modern digital age.
Conference paper

#Democracy: Towards a Conceptual Framework for an Empirical Study of Political Conversations on Twitter

This paper seeks to establish a set of concepts to help frame an empirical analysis of the relationship between internet communication technologies and political discourses. It discusses theoretical and methodological issues relating to established frameworks for investigating the role that these technologies play in politics.
Conference paper

Preservice teachers: what do they know about cyberlaw?

This paper presents preliminary findings from an exploratory multi-method study into pre-service teachers’ perspectives regarding legal and ethical issues relevant to the use of ICT in schools. It identifies requirements for legal literacy that not only support legally compliant behaviour, but which can also support...
Working paper

The connected citizen: a disruptive concept informing ACMA perspectives

The ACMA’s occasional papers explore prevailing and emerging themes of relevance to regulatory practice in the communications and media environment. The connected citizen—a disruptive concept informing ACMA perspectives builds on the ACMA’s body of work focusing on the citizen as a central consideration in making...