Material evidence

Real evidence


Victoria Police trial of digitally recorded evidence in chief – family violence: final evaluation report

Although many Australian and international jurisdictions have trialled police body-worn cameras, existing research and literature narrowly centres on police use of force and civilian complaints. This review highlights the paucity of evidence on the use of pre-recorded evidence in family violence matters.

Operation Gloucester

Does Victoria Police have an ongoing ethical standards problem? This inquiry report on Operation Gloucester identifies a variety of improper practices by police officers, with respect to witness statements which did not comply with proper evidentiary and disclosure practices. The report identifies improper practices which...

Police management of property and exhibits

This audit examined whether Victoria Police has a control framework for property management that supports high performance and whether it prioritises and sustains improvement projects. It also examined whether Victoria Police stores and secures property in a way that supports frontline staff, reduces associated risks...

Jury reasoning in joint and separate trials of institutional child sexual abuse: an empirical study

This report forms part of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’s research program in relation to criminal justice system’s response to child sexual abuse in institutional contexts. This study investigated the extent to which joint trials with cross-admissible tendency evidence infringed...