Business investment


Policy directions to increase business investment in innovation

This report provides qualitative analysis and findings from workshops across the country. The workshops used human-centred design to understand the barriers and drivers to Australian businesses innovation investment.

Australian business investment in innovation: levels, trends, and drivers

This report provides a quantitative baseline for Australian business investment in innovation based on available data. It analyses trends, drivers and opportunities by sector and firm size. It also asks strategic questions of policymakers to accelerate investment.
Discussion paper

Funding the new economy: a 'scale-up' policy blueprint

This document sets out AVCAL’s views on how government and industry can work together to ensure that Australia retains and nurtures its promising entrepreneurs and businesses. In a globalised economy where capital and labour is increasingly mobile, and the rate of technological change rapid, it...

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Australian businesses in transition

This report reflects on how Australian businesses have progressed in their digitalisation journey, as well as the underlying technological landscape as they transition to and within the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A progressive agenda for tackling Australia’s productivity crisis

Cutting working conditions won’t get us out of the current malaise, writes Andrew Leigh.
Briefing paper

Evaluating investment projects under risk and uncertainty

This brief presents a portion of the research relating to project evaluation. Insights can improve decisions relating to investment in water-supply infrastructure by accounting explicitly for climate variability and for prospective climate change. These insights can be applied to other capital-intensive long-term investment projects undertaken...
Discussion paper

The economic impacts of the Australian Investment Guarantee

This discussion paper explores the economic impact of the Australian Investment Guarantee, an economic policy initiative of the Australian Labor Party that they are taking to the 2019 federal election.

Business for a purpose: growing the civic core of the Northern Powerhouse

This report seeks to understand the role of business in the 21st Century north of Engand. It sets out what role the state can play to encourage, develop and sustain this type of activity and provides recommendations for the local, northern and national scale.

Global sustainable investment review 2012

This report provides a high-level view of sustainable investment worldwide.

Global sustainable investment review 2014

This review provides an update to the inaugural 2012 edition, which presented the first high-level view of sustainable investment worldwide.