Peacekeeping forces


Women, peace, and security mandates for UN peacekeeping operations: assessing influence and impact

Peacekeeping mission mandates now routinely include language on women, peace, and security (WPS). This paper examines the factors that influence the inclusion of language on WPS in UN peacekeeping mandates and how this language influences the implementation of the WPS agenda in the field, focusing...

Mapping Pacific contributions to UN peacekeeping

There’s a long and proud history of peacekeeping in the Pacific. This report argues that Australia should continue to work with Pacific counterparts to identify areas where they require support.

Security through sustainable peace: Australian international conflict prevention and peacebuilding

The purpose of this report is to review Australian experience of peace processes and suggest possible approaches for strengthening them.

Evolution of the protection of civilians in UN peacekeeping

This special report draws together some analysis reflecting on developments in protection of civilians (PoC) in the context of UN peacekeeping over the last decade, with a particular focus on the role that member states have in shaping the future of PoC.

Reflecting on 20 years of protection of civilians in UN peace operations: progress, problems and prospects

Today marks 20 years since the first time UN peacekeepers were directed to protect civilians from physical violence in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Since then, the Protection of Civilians (PoC) mandate has become a centre of gravity for peacekeeping operations but also for the UN...
Policy report

UN funding cuts for peacekeeping have consequences for Ghana

Contributing personnel to UN peacekeeping has been central to Ghana’s foreign policy and essential in shaping the country’s security sector. However, with the police and military still facing considerable challenges at home, and with the prospect of funding for UN peacekeeping missions being cut, Ghana’s...

How peacekeeping policy gets made: navigating intergovernmental processes at the UN

This paper examines the intergovernmental processes and partnerships that support and guide the development of UN peacekeeping policy to identify what needs to be considered to build consensus on its future direction.