General practice

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Family medical centres
General practitioners
Health clinics
Medical centres

How might COVID-19 affect the number of GPs available to see patients in England?

This report examines how many GPs currently practising in England are likely to be at high personal risk from COVID-19.
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The effective and sustainable adoption of virtual health care

As part of the COVID-19 response, the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) was extended to support the wide-scale provision of health care by telehealth. With Australians more open to using technology in health care, this has led to optimism across the sector that there will be...
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Fact Check: Peter Dutton oversimplifies increase in elective surgery, GP waiting times

Opposition health spokesman Peter Dutton claims that under the Labor Government, Australians are waiting longer to see their GP and waiting longer for elective surgery.
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Fact Check: Kristina Keneally says out-of-pocket costs to visit a GP have gone up 25 per cent under the Coalition Government. Is she correct?

A tweet by Labor Senator Kristina Keneally claims that, under the Morrison government, out-of-pocket costs to visit a GP are up by 25 per cent and out-of-pocket costs to visit a specialist are up by 40 per cent due to the Medicare freeze.
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Fact Check: Health Minister Greg Hunt said the bulk-billing rate is up and fewer patients have costs when they see a GP. Is he correct?

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt claims that GP bulk-billing rates have risen nearly four percentage points, up from 82.2 per cent under Labor to a record 86.1 per cent under the Coalition Government.
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Fact Check: Commission of Audit chairman Tony Shepherd incorrect on doctor visits

The National Commission of Audit chairman Tony Shepherd claims that on average, Australians visit a doctor more than 11 times a year when they don't need to, and that a $15 co-payment for each visit would give them "cause for thought."

Coordination of health care: experiences of barriers to accessing health services among patients aged 45 and over (2016)

Having timely access to health-care professionals when a person needs it is crucial to preventing, treating and managing health conditions. This report looks at the associations between selected patient characteristics and self-reported experiences of barriers to accessing GPs and specialists.

Realising the neighbourhood NHS: delivering a new deal for primary care in England

This paper fulfils IPPR’s objective to advance physical health, by providing new evidence and ideas to improve the provision of primary and community care.

Social prescribing roundtable November 2019: report

This report outlines the arguments for a strategic and systematic approach to incorporating social prescribing into the Australian healthcare system, starting in primary care. The recommendations in this report have been synthesised and derived from expert discussions and reflect a shared desire to see a...

Quality improvement in general practice: what do GPs and practice managers think?

This report explores the level of quality improvement awareness, appetite and activity in general practice across the United Kingdom.