University dropout


"Ghost student" failure among equity cohorts: towards understanding Non-Participating Enrolments

This report provides an in-depth examination of 'ghost student' failure among commencing domestic bachelor students generally but focuses particularly on four student equity cohorts: regional and remote, low socioeconomic status (SES), Indigenous, and non-English speaking background (NESB) students.

A short guide to non-continuation in UK universities

This document explores non-continuation in the UK higher education system. It demonstrates that the UK has the lowest drop-out rate of any OECD country. It also considers which students are most at risk of not completing their courses and what changes could usefully be implemented...

Factors influencing university student satisfaction, dropout and academic performance: an Australian higher education equity perspective

Equity groups have increasing access to higher education enrolment, but factors including health, finance and disposition towards study can contribute to the decision of disadvantaged students to drop out of university study. This study looked at the determinants of student satisfaction and academic outcomes at...

Course change and attrition from higher education

Each year, a number of university students in Australia leave the courses in which they have enrolled. Some change to other courses while others defer their course or leave the university altogether. What motivates students to change or leave their university course and does the...