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Raising their voices

This report presents the findings of an independent review into sexual harm, sexual harassment and systemic discrimination in the Australian contemporary music industry.

Mental health and wellbeing in music and live performing arts survey May 2022

This research project was initiated in response to Support Act's goals of establishing a baseline for the mental health and wellbeing of people working in the music and live performing arts sectors in 2022. The Centre for Social Impact was engaged to conduct this research...
Conference paper

Electronic cities: music, policies and space in the 21st Century

This paper discusses an edited collection on city policies targeting ‘creativity’ and offers additional insights on cultural and creative policies, planning interventions and regulations associated with nightlife management. It provides a detailed analysis of current challenges inherent to the governance of Electronic Dance Music scenes...

COVID-19 was an unexpected intermission for creative arts workers in Victoria: but what happens next? A research snapshot

The arts industry in Victoria has been seriously affected by public health-related state government restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. RMIT researchers invited creative arts workers to share their pandemic experiences in an online qualitative survey. This publication outlines some of the key findings.
Position paper

COVID-19: Live performance industry rebuild and recovery package

Live Performance Australia has developed this $345 million plan to help the live performance industry restart, rebuild and reopen for audiences following the shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australian music festival attendees who seek emergency medical treatment following alcohol and other drug use

Between September 2018 and January 2019, five young people died after attending music festivals in NSW. While there has been much policy deliberation surrounding these events, these tragedies have highlighted a lack of current and localised information about the circumstances surrounding acute harm events following...

Born global: Australian music exports

This project investigates the cultural and economic value of Australian music exports. It is the first methodological study of how Australian artists are developed internationally through government and industry programs.

Report on the inquiry into the Australian music industry

Music’s social and cultural value is unquestionable and cannot be overstated. This report primarily focuses on the music industry itself. It considers the regulatory and economic factors that influence the industry, and also examines how best to support the growth and sustainability of the industry...

Economic and cultural value of Australian content on broadcast, radio and streaming services

This inquiry report outlines the current state and operation of the Australian television and music industry, including competition issues relating to the relative market power of producers and broadcasters for traditional, streaming and 'catch- up' viewing.
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Making it in the Melbourne music scene

This paper uses contemporary documentation, interviews and maps to highlight the different types of music careers, and modes of “making it”, seen in the 1986 feature film Dogs in Space. The film concerns a fictional band of the same name, based on The Ears, a...

Strategic plan 2016-2019 (2018 update)

This strategic plan guides Music Victoria through the year of 2016 to 2019. It oulines the strategic goals, objectives, and KPIs for Music Victoria.

Skipping a beat: assessing the state of gender inequality in the Australian music industry

As a growing body of research demonstrates, gender inequality is a defining feature of work and careers in the creative industries. Data from around the world shows that simply by virtue of their gender, women experience a marked disadvantage in key creative and leadership roles...

Adelaide: city of music live music action plan 2017-2020

Adelaide: A City of Music’ celebrates our identity as a global music city and is intended to cement Adelaide’s place as a world leading music city as recognised by its designation as a City of Music by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This three-year Action...

The mastering of a music city

This resource represents a roadmap that communities of all sizes can follow to realize the full potential of their music economy.

City of Sydney live music and performance action plan

In response to community and industry concern regarding the health of the Sydney live music and performance industry, the City worked with industry and academia to develop its Live Music and Performance Action Plan in 2013. The action plan aims to support Sydney live music...

The future of live music in South Australia

The implementation of this report's recommendations will take time, as will growth and development of the live music scene and music industry generally. However, removal of barriers and some proactive initiatives are considered beneficial for the city of Adelaide and the state of South Australia.
Conference paper

Access and control in music distribution: locks, lockers or locked out

In 2011, three digital media giants, Amazon, Google and Apple, launched music locker services. The timing of the launches was curious, given that the decision of a United States district court case on music locker service was still pending1 and the same court had...